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Pipas - Troublesome EP
Matinée debut from London duo Mark and Lupe…he formerly of Bella Vista (the band, not the neighborhood) and she formerly of Spain (the country). Collectively they are responsible for quite a buzz thanks to an impressive mini-lp released last year on English indie Long Lost Cousin. This lp earned them favorable comparisons to the best moments of Club 8, Broadcast, the Aislers Set and La Buena Vida…which is to say not bad company at all! Lead track "A Short Film About Sleeping" features split vocals and excellent harmonies set against a modern take on melodic pop. It swings! B-sides "Troublesome" and "Fingerprints" are equally impressive affairs with a bit more guitar and catchy harmonies that won't leave your head. Limited to 1000 copies.

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Published: 11 February 2002 Author: Matinée Recordings
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