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BIRDIE - TRIPLE ECHO out *now* !
05.10.2001 Birdie - Triple Echo CD / LP (apricd026 / aprivin026 - EFA 27381-2/-1) 'mummy, daddy - it's luscious' is one of sadie's favourite phrases at the moment. sadie is a cute little girl grow- ing up on the playgrounds and parks of northern london. besides spending time with her friends outside sadie likes listening to her parents playing music. sadie's parents are indie-P!O!P! legends paul kelly and debsey wykes who formed the band birdie a few years ago. the new album triple echo has the same magic as a love poem: it will put a shy smile on your face and you will start humming along to the songs. songs of warmth and tenderness; music that gives you the same feeling as a whole day spend lying in bed. 'its's luscious' sadie would say if you'd ask her to describe triple echo.

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Published: 24 October 2001 Author: Apricot Records
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