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Would-Be-Goods - Emmanuelle Béart EP
First release in eight years from adored English act with previous records on the legendary él and Trattoria labels. The title track is a two-minute manic pop thrill sure to incite frenzy on dancefloors across the globe with blazing guitars and the pristine voice of Jessica Griffin singing about French film star Emmanuelle Béart. "Je lèche les vitrines" and "Everybody Wants My Baby" transport us to the Rive Gauche, with acoustic guitars, cello, and accordion serving as a perfect backdrop for Jessica's hauntingly beautiful voice. The closing "Words" is another electric affair that swings in all the right places and could have fit nicely on the band's debut album "The Camera Loves Me." Completing the current lineup are former members of Heavenly/Marine Research and Razorcuts. Following this single and a forthcoming 7" on English label Fortuna Pop!, the band will release its third album "Brief Lives" on Matinée and Fortuna Pop! in January.

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Published: 7 September 2001 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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