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Fantastic New Releases - Policecat 7
After many delays, "Give Us This Day" by Policecat (fan010) has arrived. Scotland is the home of many a fine band, and Policecat is no exception. The brothers Kilgour (Jonathon and Gordon) and company dish up 2 lovely midtempo slightly country-tinged tunes on this 7". Also new to the Fantastic catalog is the long-awaited Black Tambourine 10" retrospective (fan011). This one is a joint-release with Slumberland and consists the complete recordings of the legendary early 90's noisefuzzpop combo (including one never-before released demo track). There's no longer any need to search high and low for those out-of-print 7"s!

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Published: 15 July 1999 Author: Fantastic Records
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