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Shermans - Casual CD
Shelflife records is proud to present the re-release of The Shermans debut "Casual." Originally released in Japan (on the Quince label) and in the Philippines (on Universal), it has become a hard-to-find treasure featuring all of the Shermans early singles and compilation tracks on one cd. The Shelflife re-release will include one bonus track not found on previous releases.

"Casual" features 18 tracks recorded from 1997-1999, just prior to their "In Technicolor" album. Each song is filled with fresh guitar pop encompassing jazz, soft rock, and 60s Motown into a seamless mix of timeless classics. Some songs feature the band's original vocalist, Torbjorn Thorsen, who is now a member of Sweden's spectacular Aerospace.

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Published: 17 June 2001 Author: Shelflife Records
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