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Churchbuilder - Patty Darling CD
Shelflife Records presents the debut album from the synthpop sensation Churchbuilder, entitled "Patty Darling." Hailing from Akron, Ohio - home of legends Devo and The Waitresses - Churchbuilder are expanding upon the new wave heritage of their hometown. But don't be fooled by the now-trendy titles "new wave" or "synthpop" - Churchbuilder's sound is firmly rooted in 21st century indiepop. Influenced by legendary bands such as Kraftwork, Yazoo, OMD and New Order; Churchbuilder's sound sits perfectly alongside contempories Brittle Stars, Call and Response, Figurine and Ladytron.

"Patty Darling" includes nine tracks filled with bubbly synthesizers, jangly guitars and sparkling female vocal harmonies. The album is so upbeat and catchy, you can't help to sing along with hits "Vespa," "French Kiss Conspiracy," and "Sob Sob."

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Published: 17 June 2001 Author: Shelflife Records
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