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Space Kelly - Erster Alles CD / LP released !
We often look towards Nippon and the Far East with a mixture of interest, fascination and astonishment. We wonder about the cultural phenomenons and musical surprises Japan is offering us. Discovering that this guy from Berlin takes the youth of Tokyo by storm, has got a following of hysterical fans behind him and is selling loads of copies of his German language Japanese debut album made us curious. When we discovered that Konishi from Pizzicato Five is among the fans of this charming P!O!P!-singer as well we knew: We have to listen! Because it's well known that on the streets of Shibuya people are aware of what is hip! apricd019 / apivin019 -EFA 27371-2/-1

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Published: 11 May 2001 Author: Apricot Records
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