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Modesty Blaise - Melancholia CD / DoLP
You probably have to suffer a bit from melancholia when you are a popstar living in Bristol, a city well known for its vivid trip hop scene. Jonny Collins, the face behind the exciting band Modesty Blaise is a popstar indeed and he is living in Bristol. But the only thing related to Melancholia you will hear from him is the title of his new album. Jonny is not a guy with dark thoughts, He is more into things like fur-coats, Diana Ross-hair-cuts and football from the 70s. However, the songs by Modesty Blaise will remind you of tunes that you have not heard since the 60s. Don't be afraid of the dark side of life and listen to Melancholia and the warmth of music! apricd016 / apivin016 - EFA 27366-2/-1

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Published: 30 April 2001 Author: Apricot Records
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