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Various Artists
You Make Me Smile
(CD) early 2000
on Shelflife Records - LIFE 10
Acid House Kings - A Lover's Weekend
The Arrogants - Nothing Good Will Ever Come Of This
The Autocollants - We Can't Have It All
Brittle Stars - Three Days
The Castaway Stones - Sunday Came And Went
The Crooner - Dew Goddess
The Fairways - KLM Line
The Family - Portugal
Los Fresones Rebeldes - Suave
Le Coupe - Our Way
Majestic - Bub
Majestic - Nothing On TV
Next Time Passions - Feeling So Real
One Night Suzan - Billy Liar
River - Queens
The Shermans - Practiced Performance
Sweet William - Bright Dub
Laura Watling - So Responsible
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