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Various Artists
(K7) 1993
on Rainbow
The Almanacs - Yours Hopefully
Bulldozer Crash - Changing (Feedback Mix)
The Gerald Fort - Sometimes I Have To Go Far To Justify My Existance
The Gravy Train - Come In From The Cold
The Gravy Train - Why Does The Rain Fall From The Sky?
The Kensingtons - In Love Again
Librarian - My Eyes Never Close
Librarian - Pinter
The Marigolds - For All Time
The Marmite Sisters - My White Amp
Mary Queen Of Scots - Only For You
Mary Queen Of Scots - Wonderland
The Millers - Girl With A Gun
The Millers - Zombie
The Minogues - Indie Pop Song
Next Time Passions - Brand New Sea
Next Time Passions - She
One Night Suzan - Don't Let Them Kill Your Tasjs
Peru - Perhaps The Sun
Peru - Wonderful (live)
The Poison Sisters - Surf
The Rileys - Skies To Blue
Satchel - All Star
Shambelahs - Waltz
Soft Jelly Pop Guitars - Groovy Winsconsin
Static - Mary Goes Round
Static - Open Your Eyes (live)
Ways Of Steven - Bad Advice
Ways Of Steven - Two Shots To You
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