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Trembling Blue Stars
Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires
(CD) 26-Oct-2010
on Elefant - ER-1154
- My Face For The World To See
- All Our Tomorrows
- In Arrivals
- Frosting
- The Imperfection Of Memory (Vocals By Cath Carroll)
- The Dark World Of The Broken
- Cold Colours (Backing Vocals By Anne Mari)
- Half- Light
- Tropic Of Capricorn
- The Last Four Winters Of The War/ Grey Silk Storm
- The Hidden Quarter
- The Floating World
- The Lowest Arc (Vocals By Anne Mari)
- Radioactive Decay
- Not For Second Prizer (Dream Academy Cove)
- Outside
- The Floating World (Reprise)
- No More Sad Songs (Hidden Track)
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