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Various Artists
Something's Burning In Paradise Again...
on Subtle
The Apple Moths - Everything
Bobby Scarlet - Steppenwolf
Charlotte's Web - The Train For June
Debonaire - The Distance
The Field Mice - Loveless Love
The Keatons - French Bench
The Locations - I Keep Wondering Why
The Losers - Down At The Bottom Where You Belong
Poke It With A Stick - He's Blood Happy
St.Christopher - Our Secret
Shrug - Fear & Violence
This Poison! - Driving Skills
Those Naughty Corinthians - Butter Mountain
Thrilled Skinny - Pop Star Prat
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - Just 16
The Vinegar Blossom - Qualitiy Seems Totally Foreign...
The Volunteers - Wavy Random Arm
The Wildhouse - Everything I Hate
The Windmills - 360
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