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My Favorite
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
(CD2) 2003
- A Cathedral at Night
- Badge (Grace Under Pressure)
- Badge vs San Serac
- Badge vs Soviet
- Burning Hearts
- Half There and Dancing
- Homeless Club Kids vs Alexander Perls
- Homeless Club Kids vs Double Agent
- Homeless Club Kids vs Future Bible Heroes
- Homeless Club Kids
- James Dean (Awaiting Ambulance)
- John Dark (Goodnight, Major Tom)
- John Dark vs Brother Frost
- John Dark vs Leisure Enthusiast
- L=P
- Le Monster vs Chuck Blake
- Le Monster vs Flowchart
- Le Monster vs Phofo
- Le Monster
- Rescue Us vs Chuck Blake
- Rescue Us vs Kitch
- Rescue Us
- The Black Cassette
- The Happiest Days of My Life
- The Lesser Saints
- The Radiation
- The Suburbs Are Killing Us vs Double Agent
- The Suburbs Are Killing Us vs Leisure Enthusiast
- The Suburbs Are Killing Us
- White Roses for Blue Girls
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