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Various Artists
Lets Try Another Ideal Guest House
(LP) 1987
on Shelter/Rough Trade
AC Temple - Make Mine Money
A Witness - Fag Lane Maurice Wind
The Bats - Block Of Wood
Close Lobsters - Lets Make Some Plans
The Dragsters - Fine Sense Of Humour
The Flatmates - Heaven Is Blue
14 Iced Bears - Like A Dolphin
The Hermit Crabs - Surfing' Vietnam
The Househunters - Househunting
Laugh! - Shed Caved In
The McTells - It Happens
One Thousand Violins - Beautiful Shirt
The Passmore Sisters - Difficult
The Pleasure Heads - Something You're Above
The Stars of Heaven - All About You
Talulah Gosh - My Boy Says
Television Personalities - Miracles Take Longer
3-Action - If Only I Had The Guts
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