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Various Artists
on Lovely Records - LOCA 01
Are You Mr.Riley - I'll Love You Tomorrow
Fat Tulips - The Way Things Are
Fat Tulips - Where's Clare Grogan Now (Demo)
Home And Abroad - Christopher
Jane From Occupied Europe - Little Valley Town
The Keatons - Remain
The Losers - Bad Day
Mega City 4 - Behind Closed Doors
Mega City 4 - Holiday Song
The Moving Jelly Brothers - Girl Moneypleasure Rides Again
PO! - Ever Been Had
St.Christopher - All Of A Tremble (live)
Patrick Skelly And The Prescription - Oranges And Lemons
Strawberry Story - Buttercups And Daisies
Those Naughty Corinthians - Butter Mountain
Those Naughty Corinthians - Pie
Thrilled Skinny - Pop Star Prat
The Volunteers - Migraine
The Waiting List - Hide
Watch You Drown - It's My World
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