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Various Artists
Are You Ready
on Windmill Records
Big Red Bus - Blind Selfish Faith
Dandelion Adventure - Speed Trials
The Driscolls - PC Roberts
Andy Green - Oh! Doctor
G.T. Clean - Soapbox
The Haywains - I Would'nt Want That
Howl In The Typewriter - Touch
The Lowthers - Whoose Afraid
The Lungs - Oleoleo
The Mayfields - I Don't think So
The McTells - Everything Heaven Sent You
Mousefolk - I Don't Love You Anymore
The Next Step - I Was A Richman's Play Thing
The Pale Saints - Colours And Shapes
Pilgrims - Waiting
Poisened By Alcohol - No Dreams
Strawberry Story - Well What Do You Think Of That Then
The Wilderness Children - Happy Birthday
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