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TweeNet History
July 1994 I started planning a zine on the net including lots of references and discographies. It had the working title 'Amaze' but never saw the light of the day.
August 1994 After surfing the web for some months I created my own Home-Page, no real content though.
September 1994 Julian Lawton wrote a proposal for an indiepop-mailing list. During initial discussions Julian suggested a Webpage accompanying the list.
October 1994 Steve Thornton, Robin Humble and I were discussing doing the indiepop-pages together. Each of us created pages under the name of 'Indiepop'. On Oct. 23rd Robin came up with the term 'TweeNet', we agreed and started putting pages online.
November 1994 the three of us had long discussions about the purpose, contents and organisation of the TweeNet. Meanwhile the pages themselves grew.
Winter and Spring 1995 The pages grew up to over 100. I included database generated discography pages with automated links.
July 1995 TweeNet Europe became available for off-line usage.
November 1995 finally we added forms and allowed searches
November 1995 the complete site is now generated by a database.
March 1996 a version with frames for Netscape users
May 1996 introducing direct access to my database via html-forms. It is now possible to add and change data for record labels, fanzines and people.
November 1996 a new mirror located in San Francisco is added
January 1997 finally got our own domain, before the site lived below other domains.
May 1997 new database for radio shows, plus the album charts, also new background color
Aug 1997 two of the originial sites, the one in Melbourne and the one in Seattle closed down.
March 2000 The various dynamic parts like the Who Is Who list, radio shows, clubs and shows etc. were all combined into a single section called TweeBase.
March 2001 we moved the site to a new bigger dedicated server and added a new search feature to the site.
May 2001 Added print friendly versions for most pages.
June 2003 Renamed Tweebase to 'Indiepop Directory' and added new features.
March 2004 Finished the migration of all flat content pages to an XML/XSLT based model. Also moved more design elements into CSS. Cleaned up pages and links.
October 2004 We are celebrating our 10th anniversary, however things are a bit quiet content-wise.
Spring and summer 2005 Even though there are no changes on the main site, We created a complete new content management system for This system is now web based and allows contributors around the world too add and edit any of the content on the site.
November 2006 For the first time in years we changed the design and layout of the site
September 2016 I made all pages more mobile device friendly and the whole site is now https by default.
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