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Individual Poll 2006 Vote
voted by: Bjrn

favourite bands the year:
The Specific Heats
Love Is All
Pants Yell!

the best pop songs:
Cause Co-Motion - Which way is up?
Mahogany - One plus one equals three or more
The Specific Heats - Other boys

the best albums:
Mahogany - Connectivity
Rose Melberg - Cast away the clouds
The Specific Heats - Aboard a spaceship of the imagination

the most promising new acts:
The Specific Heats
Cats On Fire
Everyday Sensations

the most amazing live experiences:
Love Is All
The Lucksmiths

the best record label:
What's your rupture?

cool mailing list or newsgroup besides indiepop:
Blog: The Rain fell down

best indie-pop web site:

best paper fanzine or magazine:

best mail-order:
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