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Individual Poll 2004 Vote
voted by: timothy scholl

favourite bands the year:
The Metric Mile
The Diskettes

the best pop songs:
the specific heats - my secret agent days are numbered
metric mile - amateurs
My Teenage Stride - (you only want to ddance to) The Happy Mondays

the best albums:
total gaylord records - Cwistmas Twee
Shumai - tastes like summer (japanese import)
Pants Yell - songs for siblings

the most promising new acts:
Cars Can Be Blue
Colin Clary & the Magogs
The Specific Heats

the most amazing live experiences:
The Blow, Yacht, Dear Nora & the specific heats
Cars can be blue
The Diskettes, Shumai, the Metric Mile, the Specific Heats, bad flirt

the best record label:
Total Gaylord

most fancied indiepop personality:
Don Shumai

best EP or mini-LP:
The Metric Mile - how to beat the SAT

best indie-pop web site:
boston pop board

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