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Individual Poll 2003 Vote
voted by: Matthew Lehrer

favourite bands the year:
The Aislers Set
The Pines

the best pop songs:
The Aislers Set - Emotional Levy
The Pines - Marie Clare
Saloon - Que Quieres?

the best albums:
Edson - Every Day, Every Second
The Aislers Set - How I Learned To Write Backwards
Saloon - If We Meet In The Future

the most promising new acts:
The Frenchmen
The Snowdrops
The Young Tradition

the most amazing live experiences:
The Aislers Set at The Knitting Factory, Manhattan, March 28

the best record label:

most fancied indiepop personality:
Amanda Gomez

best EP or mini-LP:
The Pines - True Love Waits Volume 2

best indie-pop web site:

best music file sharing service:

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