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Individual Poll 2003 Vote
voted by: Dirk

favourite bands the year:
Sodastream from Australia
The Clientele

the best pop songs:
Roy Moller - Maximum Smile
The Catalysts - Where WIll You Go?
The Happy Couple - Boyfriend Of The Week

the best albums:
The Clientele - Violet Hour
Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Mini Skirt - Woody Allen Likes Guitar Pop

the most promising new acts:
Roy Moller
The Happy Couple
Mini Skirt

the most amazing live experiences:
Mini Skirt in Hamburg
Belle & Sebastian in London
Speedmarket Avenue in Hamburg

the best record label:
The Félicité SIngles Club

most fancied indiepop personality:
Oliver Götzl

best EP or mini-LP:
The Happy Couple - Four Seasons EP

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