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Individual Poll 2014 Vote
voted by: Heinz Brossolat

favourite bands the year:
Pale Lights
The Swapsies
The Flatmates

the best pop songs:
Fear Of Men - Waterfall
My Light Shines For You - Gloomy days
The Glow Cats - Lynn Chan (There Are Poppy Felties For Everyone)

the best albums:
Pale Lights - Before There Were Pictures
The Pen Friend Club - Sound Of The Pen Friend Club
Frischluft! Tontraeger - Durchs Schluesselloch in des Mondgaertners Sternenhain

the most promising new acts:
My Light Shines For You
Dream Suicides
Springtime Carnivore

the most amazing live experiences:
Indiefjord Fest 2014
Elin Grimstad at Big Pink Cake Christmas Party 2014 (London)
Springtime Carnivore at Astra Stube (Hamburg)

the best record label:
Dufflecoat Records

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