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Individual Poll 2014 Vote
voted by: Roque

favourite bands the year:
Royal Landscaping Society
My Favorite

the best pop songs:
Go Violets - Josie
My Light Shines for You - Little Little
Eva & John - C?sar Guti?rrez

the best albums:
Los Lagos de Hinault - Flores de Europa
Univers - L'Estat Natural
Marlovers - Stalking You

the most promising new acts:
The Royal Landscaping Society
Desperate Journalist
Major Leagues

the most amazing live experiences:
My Favorite - NYC Popfest
Slowdive - Terminal 5 NYC
Royal Landscaping Society - Indietracks

the best record label:
Firestation Records

best paper fanzine or magazine:
Candy Twist

best mail-order:
Jigsaw Records
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