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Individual Poll 2013 Vote
voted by: Heinz Brossolat

favourite bands the year:
The Fireworks
The Brilliant Corners
The Tuts

the best pop songs:
The Fireworks - Runaround
Funeral Advantage - A large place
Zipper - Un Poco De Pasion, Por Favor

the best albums:
Mumbly - MumblyBule EP
Lavandera - Lavandera tres
The Choo Choo Trains - I Choo​-​Choo​-​Choose You

the most promising new acts:
Advantage Funeral
Franny & Zooey
Don?t Cry Shopgirl

the most amazing live experiences:
The Fireworks at Nottingham Pop! All-Dayer
The Tuts at Going Up The Country 2013
The Soulboy Collective at Indietracks Festival 2013

the best record label:
Dufflecoat Records

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