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Individual Poll 2010 Vote
voted by: John

favourite bands the year:
Allo Darlin'
Stars of Aviation
Mighty Clouds

the best pop songs:
Mighty Clouds - Mighty Cloud
The Lucksmiths - World of Professional Golf 1994
Allo Darlin - Let's Go Swimming

the best albums:
Allo Darlin' - Allo Darlin'
Mighty Clouds - Mighty Clouds
Sambassadeur - European

the most promising new acts:
Mighty Clouds
Allo Darlin'
Still Corners

the most amazing live experiences:
Allo Darlin', One Happy Island, Horowitz, A Smile and a Ribbon at Lizard Lounge, Boston
Elizabeth Morris, Jyoti Mishra, Amor De Dias at the Hangover Lounge (the Lexington), London, UK

best indie-pop web site:

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