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TweeNet poll 2002 full results
These are the full results of the TweeNet poll 2002. 123 TweeNet visitors or members of the indiepop mailing list voted for their favourite Indiepop in 2002:

your favourite bands of 2002:

Pipas (17)
Funday Mornings (15)
Harper Lee (12)
Acid House Kings (9)
The Lucksmiths (9)
Aislers Set (8)
Free Loan Investments (8)
The Clientele (7)
Belle & Sebastian (6)
Comet Gain (6)
Flaming Lips (6)
Tullycraft (6)

Dorotea (5)
Milky Wimpshake (5)
Nixon (5)
Sportique (5)

Action Biker (4)
Ballboy (4)
Bright Lights (4)
Don Lennon (4)
Interpol (4)
The Pines (4)
Radio Dept (4)

Camera Obscura (3)
Dennis Driscoll (3)
Kanda (3)
Lovejoy (3)
Montgolfier brothers (3)
The Embassy (3)
the trembling blue stars (3)
The Would-Be-Goods (3)

Aberdeen (2)
Airliner (2)
Boyracer (2)
Bright Eyes (2)
Club 8 (2)
Cody (2)
The Coral (2)
Cornelius (2)
Dear Nora (2)
The Delgados (2)
Embassy (2)
Fosca (2)
Guitar (2)
Happy Supply (2)
hunky dory (2)
Masters of the Hemisphere (2)
Meta Band (2)
My Favorite (2)
Ooberman (2)
Poundsign (2)
Tender Trap (2)
The Arrogants (2)
the streets (2)
the tidy-ups (2)
The Windmills (2)
Vermont (2)
Waving Tree (2)

all girl summer fun band
Allen Clapp
apples in stereo
Atom and his Package
Bally Boy
Band of Holy Joy
bart davenport
Bill Ricchini
black rebel motorcycle club
Boards of Canada
boom bip
Brendan Benson
Bruce Springsteen
Byron's girlfriend
california snow story
carnival park
chasing dorotea
close lobsters
cowboy mouth
Darren Hanlon
Dear Nora
Dr. Higgins
Extra Glenns
happy supply
Holiday Flyer
Hot Hot Heat
I Am The World Trade Center
ides of space
Jesse Malin
La buena vida
la monja enana
lil pocketknife
lysa gora
Matt Pond PA
Modesty Blaise
My red pocketbook
Norah Jones
Patrick Phelan
pine martin
Plastic Mastery
Polyphonic Spree
Rat Cat Hogan
reindeer section
Roddy Frame
Sarah Sarah
screen prints
sigur ros
silversun pickups
Sing Sing
slumber party
Sondre Lerche
Space Kelly
st christopher
State of Samuel
sugar spun charge
Teenage Fanclub
Tender Trap
test pilot
The Black Watch
The Busy Band
The dear diaries
The Embassy
The Gazetteers
The High Llamas
the mosquitos
the mountain goats
The Notwist
the pictures
The Rapture
The Relict
The Revolutionary Hydra
the Smittens
the snow fairies
the tidy ups
Thy Gravitation

the best pop songs: 

Tullycraft - Twee (10)
Aislers set - mission bells (8)
Pipas - Run Run Run (7)
The Clientele - Emptily Through Holloway (5)
Comet Gain - The Kids At The Club (5)
funday mornings - titter (4)
Pipas - Barbapapa (4)
Acid House Kings - Sunday Morning (3)
Don Lennon - Gay Fun (3)
Funday Mornings  - Killing Thomas  (3)
Harper Lee - Unreciprocated (3)
Ladytron - Seventeen (3)
My Favorite - Burning Hearts (3)
Snowblind - Easy Girl (3)
Trembling blue stars - slow soft sighs (3)

aberdeen - sink or float
aberdeen - cities and buses
Acid house Kings - Lover's Weekend
Acid House Kings - save it for the weekend
Acid House Kings - Say yes If you love me (2)
Acid House Kings - Summer's On It's Way
Action biker - sandy edwards
Action Biker - Farrah
Aerospace - the caroline i know
Aerospace - The Great Divide
Aislers Set - Attraction Action Reaction
aislers set - hey lover
all girl summer fun band - cut your hair
Allen Clapp - Whenever We're Together
Anna Waronker - I Wish You Well
apples in stereo - that's something i do
apples in stereo - baroque
Asahi - Someday
Ash - Envy
Avocadoclub - Too Much Space To Walk Away
badly drawn boy - you were right
badly drawn boy - silent sigh
Ballboy - A Europewide Search For Love
Band of Holy Joy - The Real Thing
bart davenport - beg steal and borrow
bart davenport - terris song
bart davenport - miami afternoon
baxendale - what the weekend's all about
bearsuit - hey charlie hey chuck
Bearsuit - Drinkink
Beaumont - Love Is... 1968
Belle & Sebastian - Storytellling
Belle & Sebastian  - Consuelo
Belle & Sebastian - Judy And The Dream Horses
belle & sebastian - i'm waking up to us
Belle And Sebastian - Marx And Engles
Belle and Sebastian - I'm Waking Up To Us
Belle And Sebastian - Big John Shaft
Belle And Sebastian - I Love My Car
bikeride - whispering winds
boyracer - they're making money off you
Brendan Benson - I'm Easy
Brideshead - The Lie That Tells The Truth
Bright Lights - You have amazing powers
bright lights - kill you without a sound
Byron's Girlfriend - Monique Wasn't There
Byron's Girlfriend - Hey beauty
california snow story - summer avenues
Carnival Park - Half-Smiles + Frowns
Chasing Dorothea - Dreamer
Cinerama - Quick, Before it melts
club 8 - hope for winter
club 8 - the girl with the northern soul collection
Comet gain - Why I try to look so bad
constantin veis - run again , tom sawyer
Constantine Veis - The One Who Loved
cornelious - drop
Cornershop - Lessons learnt from Rocky
Darren Hanlon - Yes, there is a slight chance he might actually fail
Darren Hanlon - Operator... Get me Sweden
Death by Chocolate - Zap the World
dorotea - let's give it a shot (2)
Dorotea - Decent (2)
Dressy Bessy - Flower Jargon
Embassy - It never entered my mind
field mice - snesitive
flaming lips - do you realise??
flinflon - mistasinni
fosca - i´m on your side
Fosca - Secret crush on third trombone (2)
Free Loan Investments - I Don't Love You
Free Loan Investments - In The Park
free loan investments - kick his balls out (2)
free loan investments - dayplanner
friends - the story of my life
friends - You´ll never see that summertime again
friends - this is the start
from bubblegum to sky - scorpio
funday mornings - girls gone wild!
funday mornings - three days in july (2)
funday mornings - same song forever
future bible heroes - losing your affection
Gerty - Lower Moreland
Guided by Voices - Wings of Thorn
Handsome Train - Pop
Happy Supply - Sparky Song
Harper Lee - Fine Bones (2)
harper lee - miserable town
Harper lee - the thought of you and him
harper lee - train not stopping
Homeless Club Kids - A Brighter View
Honeyrider - Suncoast
How so Bright of Universe - Guitar
hunkydory - can't you see
I still love you - State of samuel
In our own Time - Cody
irving - l-o-v-e
irving - eyes adjust to light
jag älskar dig - franke
Jay Jay Johanson - On the radio
jinx - moi solair
Juniper Moon - Volveras
kelly slusher - knee deep
Ko and the Knockouts - If I
Laurel Music - Dreams and lies
lil pocketknife - a.d.d.
Loons - Notting Hill Gate
love parade - under the weather
Lovejoy - Fall from grace
lovejoy - snow falling softly
Lucksmiths - Midweek Midmorning
The Lucksmiths  - Midweek midmorning
The Lucksmiths - A Downside To The Upstairs
The Lucksmiths - Point being (2)
Lunchbox - Letter from Overend
Masters of the Hemisphere - Anything Anything
McAlmont & Butler - Bring it Back
me and the farmer - housmartins
mellow yellow - from bubblegum to sky
meta band - bedsitter
Milky Wimpshake - Scrabble
Milky Wimpshake - Dialling Tone
Montgolfier Brothers - The World Is Flat
Morrissey - The first of the gang
mull historical society - this is not who we were
mum - Now there's that fear again
nirvana - you know you're right
Nixon - For Love
nixon - anorak christmas
notwist - one step inside....
O2 - Sleater-Kinney
of montreal - death dance of omipapas and sons for you
Ooberman - beany bean
Paddington Distortion Combo - The Way I Put Things
panty lions - devan made a change for the better
Pines - some slow afternoon
The Pines - Satellites
The Pines - Milkbar (2)
Pipas - cruel and unusual
pipas - bye bye (2)
Pipas - Troublesome
Pipas - Wells Street
Pipas - What Nobody Does
Pipas - Tout Va Bien
Pipas - Fingerprints
Pipas - Tout Va Bien
pipas - troublesome
Poundsign - Piano Song
poundsign - under the marquee
Queens of the stone age - No One knows
Rachel Jacobs - Make Believe
Radio Dept - Against The Tide
relict - out of time
Remembering Little Satan - The Revolutionary Hydra
run run run - Pipas
saint etienne - finisterre
Saloon - Girls Are The New Boys
Sarah Sarah - song from an 80s movie
Sarah Sarah - Dawson's Creek
Speedmarket Avenue - I Can Tell by Her Eyes
Sportique - Obsessive
Sportique - How many times...
Starlet - When Sun Falls On My Feet
starlets - rocking in a shy way
Strokes - Someday
sunsetsky - lovejoy
Tender Trap - face of 73
test pilot - picknick fanzine song
Thats something I do - Apples in Stereo
the agenda - crash crash
the arrogants - the distance between us
the bright lights - the was no joy in the brilliance of sunshine
the clientele - north school drive
The Coral - Dreaming of You (2)
The dear diaries  - torture and murder (and arson)
The Delgados - No Danger
The Embassy - Boxcar
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
the futureheads - my rules
The Gazetteers - Vacationland
The Radio Dept - Why won't you talk about it?
The radio dept. - Why wont you
The Radio Dept. - Against the tide
The Radio ept - Against the Tide
The Sprites - Following her around
The Starlets - Rocking In a Shy Way
the streets - don't mug yourself
the streets - geezers need excitement
The Strokes - Someday
the tidy ups - my favourite horse
The Tyde - Crystal Canyons
The Windmills - Walking Around the World (2)
Thy Gravitation - untitled
Travoltas - Endless Summer
Trembling Blue Stars - Haunted Days
trembling blue stars - the ghost of a unkissed kiss
Tribeca - Teenage
vermont - two weeks from everywhere (2)
Waking up to us - Belle and sebastian
Waving Tree - Wait for Me
Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer
Wilco - Jesus etc
Wish I sang better - Sprites
would be goods - esperanza
would be goods - flashman

the best albums:

Harper Lee - Everything's Going To Be OK (16)
Pipas - A Cat Escaped (13)
Acid House Kings - Mondays Are Like Tuesdays And Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays (11)
Comet Gain - Realistes (10)
Tullycraft - Beat surf fun (10)
Would-Be-Goods - Brief Lives (6)
Aerospace - the Bright idea called soul (5)
Hunkydory - Over the Raindow (5)
Montgolfier Brothers - The World Is Flat (5)
Razorcuts - R is for Razorcuts (5)

Aberdeen - homesick and happy to be here (4)
Belle and Sebastian - Storytelling (4)
boyracer  - to get a better hold you´ve got to loosen yr grip (4)
The Embassy - Futile Crimes (4)
Fosca - Diary of an Antibody (4)
Milky Wimpshake - Lovers Not Fighters (4)
Nixon - November 1985 (4)
The Lucksmiths - Where Were We? (4)

all girl summer fun band - all girl summer fun band (3)
Bart Davenport - Bart Davenport (3)
Cinerama - Torino (3)
Flaming Lips - Yoshimi battles the pink robots (3)
Lovejoy - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (3)
Poundsign - Underneath The Marquee (3)
Sportique - Modern Museums (3)
the streets - original pirate material (3)
Tender Trap - Film Molecules (3)

Airliner - The Last Days of August
Allen Clapp - Available Light
Amore Del Tropico - Black Heart Procession
apples in stereo - velocity of sound
Arvidson - Arvidson
Ash - "Intergalactic Sonic 7""s"
BallBoy - Club Anthems
ballboy - guide to daylight hours
Ballboy - A Guide For The Daylight Hours
Band of Holy Joy - Love never fails
Bazooka Cain - Here Come The Days Of
Beck - Sea Change (2)
bikeride - morning macumba
birdie - reverb deluxe
Boards of Canada - Geogaddi (2)
Brendan Benson - Lapalco (2)
Brideshead - In and Out of Love (2)
Bright Eyes - Lifted
bright lights - s/t
Bruce Springsteen - The Rising
Busch - Bossa Nova
Byron's Girlfriend - Between the Blue and Green (2)
Chasing Dorotea - Chasing Dorotea
club 8 - spring came rain fell (2)
Constantine Veis - Memory La
cornelius - point (2)
Cornershop - Handcream for a generation
currituck county - unpacking my library
Dale Olivier - Fountainhead
Darren Hanlon - Hello Stranger (2)
Daybreaker - Beth Orton
Dead media - Hefner
Dear Nora - The new year
Death By Chocolate - Zap The World
Delgados - Hate
Dennis Driscoll - Voices In The Fog
Distance Learning - Cody
Downtown - Don Lennon
Dressy Bessy - Sound Go Round
Eric Malmberg - En skattkista längst nere på botten av ett stort hav
extra glenns - martial arts weekend
friends - beautiful you
futile crimes - embassy
Guided by Voices - Universal Truths and Cycles
håkan hellström - det är så jag säger det
Happy Supply - Crucial Cuts
Honeyrider - Sunshine Skyway
Hot Hot Heat - Make Up the Breakdown
ides of space - there are no new clouds
Interpol - Bright Lights
interpol - turn on your bright lights (2)
irving - good morning beautiful (2)
is - princess superstar
Jad Fair and the Teenage Fanclub - Words of Wisdom and hope
Jesse Malin - The Fine Art of Self Destruction
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror - Judo
Ko and the Knockouts - Ko and the Knockouts
ladytron - light & magic (2)
laura watling - early morning walk
Masters of the Hemisphere - Protest a Dark Anniversary (2)
Matt Pond PA - The Green Fury
Mia Shoen - Champions
Morrissey - The live bootlegs
mùm - finally we`re no one
Neil & Iraiza - New School
Niza - Canciones de Temporada
Norah Jones - Come away with me
notwist - neon golden
Out Of Season - Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man
pastel vespa - l anarchie
Permer - Summerdays Attract the Pain
Plastic Mastery - In the Fall of Unearthly Angels
Pluxus - European onion (2)
Polyphonic Spree - Beginning Stages of
Primal Scream - Evil Heat
Rat Cat Hogan - Vitamins And Calcium Equals Health And Happiness
reconfigurine - figurine
rialto - night on earth
rita calypso - apocalypso
s/t - hunky dory
Sahara Hotnights - Jennie Bomb
saint etienne - finisterre
Saloon - (This Is) What We Call Progress
Saturday looks good to me - Self titled
seafood - when do we start fighting
seed to sun - boom bip
slumber party - psychedlicate
Snowblind - The Falls (2)
Sondre Lerche - Dead Passengers
souvenir - points de suspension
Spoon - Killing the Moonlight
Sportique - Obsessive
Spraydog - Mint Hand
starlet - the sun falls on my feet
suburban light - clientele
suede - a new morning
Suede Crocodiles - Stop The Rain
suft beat fun - tullycraft
Sunkissed - Guitar
The Aislers Set - The Last Match
The Anniversary - Your Majesty
The Coral - The Coral

The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
The Gazetteers - Territory Songs
the mountain goats - tallahassee
The Notwist - Neon Golden
the roots - phrenology
the strokes - is this it
theoretical girls - theoretical girls
trackstar - lions will destroy you
trash/various artists - trash companion
Travoltas - Endless Summer
tree fort angst - last page in the book of love
trembling blue stars - alive to every smile
Vacaciones - Sonreir
Various Artists - C.Q. original motion picture soundtrack
Voices in the fog - Dennis Driscoll

the most promising new acts:

Funday Mornings (17)
Pipas (14)
Action Biker (11)
California Snow Story (8)
Radio Dept. (7)
Dorotea (6)
Sprites (5)
the tidy ups (5)
Bearsuit (4)
Free Loan Investments (4)
The Pines (4)
Airliner (3)
Artisokka (3)
Carnival Park (3)
Corduroy Utd. (3)
Fibi Frap (3)
Speedmarket Avenue (3)
sugar spun charge (3)
The Coral (3)

a swedish rose
Ally Kerr
anderson tapes
Apple Orchard (2)
Azure Ray
Brett Rosenberg Problem
Bright Eyes
bright lights
busy band
byrons girlfriend (2)
Camera Obscura (2)
Camera Obscura
Chasing Dorotea
Citra Super
Constantin Veins
Danny Says
Dr Higgins
evening lights
fairline parkway
gravy train!!!!
grindcore poppies
Handsome Train (2)
Happy Birthdays
Harbour Landing
Head of Femur
Hidden Cameras
Holland Count
homeless club kids
Hope Of The States
Hopeful MOnster
Hormones In Abundance
Hot Hot Heat
Hyper Kinado
ides of space
Ike Moritz
japanese tigers
jen turrell
Jesse Malin
just pure
kanda (2)
la cola-jet set
Laurel Music
lil hospital
lil pocketknife (2)
Loch Ness Mouse
love is all
Magic Crayon
meta band (2)
Monokini (2)
Murphy No Geisha
myredpocketbook (2)
Niza (2)
Of Montreal
Paddington Distortion Combo
pine martin
Plastic Mastery (2)
Polyphonic Spree
Pony Up
postal service
Princeton Reverbs Colonial
Rank Outsider
Real Tuesday Weld
Rocky Dennis
Sahara Hotnights
Sarah Sarah
Scarboro Aquarium Club
See Venus (2)
Shizuka (2)
silversun pickups
Sinking Ships (2)
Soft Pillow Kisses
sondre lerche
Stars of Aviation
The Beatings
The Busy Band
the collapsing cloud
The Cush
the Cuts (sf)
The Dave Brown 5
The dear diaries
The Dirtbombs
The Embassy
the everydays
the frenchmen
the futureheads
The Gazeteers
The Guild League
The Jessica Fletchers
The Liberty Ship (2)
The Loves (2)
the mosquitos
The Sake
The Sinclairs
The Smittens
The Starlets
The Super Magnificent Action Trio
The Thrills
the walkmen
The Waving Tree
The Wusses
Thy Gravitation
venison book
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2)

the most amazing live experiences:

Belle and Sebastian (19)
Aberdeen (8)
Funday Mornings (8)
Morrissey (7)
The Clientele (6)
My Favorite (6)
Pipas (6)
Aerospace (5)
Dennis Driscoll (5)
Dorotea (4)

aislers set (3)
Arthur Lee with Love (3)
charming (3)
Cornelius (3)
Flaming Lips (3)
The June Brides (3)
Montgolfier Brothers (3)
paul mccartney (3)
sportique (3)
the sheets (3)
Trembling Blue Stars (3)
Tullycarft (3)

555 at cmj
Aberdeen / Trembling Blue Stars (2)
Acid House Kings
action biker (2)
All Girl Summer Fun Band
andrew wk at reading festival
apples in stereo
Azure Ray
Band of Holy Joy
bart davneport (at the bottom of the hill)
Bazooka Cain
beck + the flaming lips
Bernd Begemann
big star
Brian Wilson at the Royal Festival Hall
Bright ideas - Nalen
Bright Lights/Happy Supply/Head of Femur at Pilsen Cafe in Chicago
Bruce Springsteen - Bercy,Paris 14-10-02
Calexico & The Luz De Luna Mariachi Band at the Barbican
Camera Obscura - Bush Hall, London
Charming / Allen Clapp / Majestic
charming, majestic, and allen clapp at knitting factory in l.a.
chasing dorotea
Chickfactor London Festival
China Crisis Live in Manila
cinerama & ballboy
clientele, stockholm
CMJ 2002, March Records night
Comet gain
darren hanlon (2)
divine comedy
Don Lennon
Dr Higgins (Kalmar festival, Sweden)
Dressy Bessy  - Oxford Zodiac
esg + klang at the ica
flin flon teenbeat anniversary show
Freak Kitchen
free loan investments (2)
Gojonnygogogogo Festival  2
håkan hellström, stockholm
holiday flyer/SXSW
homeless club kids
i am the world trade center & the agenda
Ian Brown
imperial teen
interpol (2)
irving, kennedy, imperial teen at the troubadour la
le tigre (2)
Les Sucettes
lil pocketknife - arrow bar, san francisco
Lotus Eaters (2)
lpk in the s.f.
Masters of the Hemisphere
Matt Pond PA
Mercury Rev
meta band (2)
Mika bomb live in stockholm
Milky Wimpshake
mitt bästa liv (2)
Modesty Blaise at EasyPop festival in Andorra
Moldy Peaches
mum (2)
New Order at Roskilde Festival
None to speak of, ask me ten years ago...
orange peels in san francisco
panty lions in spokane
Polyphonic Spree
Promise Ring
Revolutionary Hydra
Ryan Adams - Paradiso Amsterdam 08-02-02
Saint Etienne (2)
shakira @ mtv awards
sigur ros
slumber party @ king tut's in glasgow
Spectrum at the ICA
Spoon at Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill NC
Stereo Total
Strokes - Paradiso Amsterdam 28-02-02
super furry animals
tender trap/sportique
Tender Trap/West End NYC
The Coral
The Epoxies
The Flaming Lips
The Lot Six at Bessie's, Wilmington NC
the maybellines
The Pines
The Sinclairs
the streets @ bowery ballroom, nyc
The Strokes/Jimmy Fallon at the Ritz, Raleigh NC
The Walkmen
Thy Gravitation at Osaka Vs. Tokyo
tidy ups in skellefteå
venison book (at the Starry Plough, Berkeley)
v-twin @ the cca in glasgow
Walker Kong
would be goods (2)
Yo La Tengo outside in Prospect Park

most fancied indiepop personality:

Jon Chaikin (7)
Amelia Fletcher (4)
Lupe (pipas) (4)
Morrissey (4)
amy linton (3)
jenny westerlund, funday mornings (3)
Keris Howard (Harper Lee) (3)
Pam Berry (3)

Alistair Fitchett (2)
Andrea of My Favorite
Beth (Aberdeen) Arzy
Bobby Kildea [Belle and Sebastian]
bobby wratten
brian canning of irving
Bright Eyes
carolyn allen
christer nilssen
CUTE BAND ALERT: danishta (see venus) & matt (see venus / rocking horse winner)
Dan Treacy
Daniel Andersson
Dennis Driscoll (2)
Dickon Edwards
emmy-kate montrose (the pictures)
Gail O'Hara
Gordon Mcintyre (Ballboy)
Gregory Webster (Sportique/Razorcuts)
henrik påhle
jen carr
jessica griffin
Jimmy Matinee
Johan Angergard (2)
keith (lovejoy)
Laura cantrell
Laura Watling (2)
lil' pocket knife
makis p
Marianna MacLean
mario hernandez
Mark Flunder
Mark Sgarzi
Mattias and Jenny of Funday Mornings
"Mikael ""buddy holly"" Dorotea"
Mike Alway
Miki Berenyi
Num Num
raoul de la cruz (test pilot, casino ashtrays, popgun etc)
Roger Gunnarsson
Ryan Adams
sabine zeissig from vermont
sarah nyberg-pergament, action biker
Sean tollefson (still.)
Sigur Ros
Silvia Niza
skippy march records mcfadden
stephen merritt (2)
Stuart Murdoch (2)
Tamburin- Kalle
terese picknick
Toby Thorsen
Viktor Almqvist (Dorotea) (2)

best band not from the US or the UK:

The Lucksmiths (Australia) (13)
funday mornings (Sweden) (10)
Free Loan Investments (Sweden) (8)
Acid House Kings (Sweden) (6)
Aerospace (Sweden) (6)
Nixon (Sweden) (5)
Club 8 (Sweden) (3)

Action Biker
Bettie Serveert
carnival park (2)
Dorotea (2)
Embassy (2)
go-betweens (2)
Hot Hot Heat (Canada)
International Noise Conspiracy
kings of convenience
La buena vida (2)
milkyway (spain)
Rockformation Discokugel
sarah sarah
Sigur Ros
soft pillow kisses (2)
The Busy Band
the clean
the happy birthdays
the vines
Thy Gravitation
Vacaciones (Spain)
Virginia Jetzt
Watoo Watoo (france...)

best EP or mini-LP:

Free Loan Investments - Ever been to Mexico EP (11)
My Favorite - The Kids Are All Wrong (5)
The Clientele - Lost Weekend (4)
Dorotea - EP1 (3)
funday mornings - world of girls  (3)
The Lucksmiths - Midweek Morning (3)
Pipas - Channel Autumnal (3)

2002 - k.i.t.
aislers set - mission bells
Atom and His Package - Hamburgers
Ballboy - Girls are better than boys
Belle and Sebastian - Waking up to us (2)
Boards of Canada - Twoism
Boothby - Boothby EP
california snow story - one good summer
Carnival Park - Her Kindercrush (2)
Club 8 - summer songs
Constantin Veis - Memory-la
day sleeper - longwave
Dear Nora - The New Year ep
dorotea - ep2
Dr. Higgins - Vad gör jag här?
earlimart - the avenues
FLI - have you ever been to Mexico
flin flon - chicoutimi
free loan investments - live on p3 pop
i'm waking up to us - belle & sebastian
Jen Turrell - Jiyuu de
Memphis - A Good Day Sailing
meta band - "the i wish that i could write at least one song that is as good as the moonlings ""let's sell our..."
milkyway - in love
Morrissey - Live in arizona bootleg
Ooberman - Running Girl (2)
Pinkie - My little Experiment
Pipas - A Short Film About Sleeping
Pipas - Troublesome
Rachel Jacobs - Object of Affection
Rank Outsider - Next Life
Sarah Sarah - SIng it till it hurts
Sunkissed - Guitar
The Aislers Set - Mission Bells
The Arrogants - Nobody's Cool
the kills - black rooster ep
The Radio Dept - Against the tide (2)
The Tyde - Blood Brothers
the waving tree -
Toog - Ana Lou
Trembling blue stars - Slow soft sighs (2)
vermont - the kinetic
world of girls - funday mornings

cool mailing list or newsgroup besides indiepop:

Friends of March (7)
starke adolf (6)
shelflife list (3)

do you know how it feels to be loved
Gillingham Footballl Club
I Love Music
lacewings mailing list (The Clientele)
parasol records
Portland Pop List
razorblades and lemonades
seattle pop list
secret history of power pop
Spacemen 3 at yahoogroups
TV Personalities
vermouth (2)
wbar rock list

best indie-pop web site: (24) (17) (5) (5) (4) (3)

ad's indiepop links
be my records
kindamusic (2) (2) (2)

best music file sharing service:

soulseek (38)
Kazaa (5)
LimeWire (2)
WinMX (2)

Audio Galaxy

best paper fanzine or magazine:

Picknick (18)
Dagger (7)
Careless Talk Costs Lives (6)
Chickfactor (6)
Pardon my French (5)
beikoku ongaku (3)
the big takeover (3)

Bees Knees
modular e-zine
Mojo (2)
Revolution #9
Ruta 66
The State I Am In
Tidningen Sex
When Saturday Comes
Wide Open Road

best mail-order:

Tweekitten (21)
Benno Mailorder (15)
Penny Black Music (6) (7) (6) (4)
parasol records (3)

actual label websites
annika (spain)
Claire records (2)
darla (2)
norman records (2)
Vinyl Japan (2)

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