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Indiepop Directory Help

The directory is now read-only, it has been superseded by many other sites on the web

The TweeNet Indiepop Directory contains information about all kind of indiepop related organisations and individuals. There are currently 3362 entries in the directory although some of them are old and haven't been updated in a while. This page provides some help on how to use the directory.

This directory should be used to find out about indiepop-bands, people or businesses in a particular area for personal use only. You are forbidden to use information listed here, especially email addresses to send commercial mass-mailings.

Each entry has one of more types. Notice that we use the term 'indiepop music' below to describe the different types. How do we define indipop? For now have a look around the site to get an idea.

BandA band or single artists that plays 'indiepop music'.
LabelA record label that releases indiepop
FanA person who likes indiepop.
BlogA web log about indiepop music
FanzineA fanzine or magazine about indiepop
Web SiteA web site about indiepop.
Radio ShowA radio show which plays primarily indiepop.
Mail-OrderA online or traditional mail-order that sells indiepop.
ShopA record shop or CD store that sells indiepop
ClubA club or club-night that plays some indiepop
Home Page

The home page lets you search and filter the directory and displays and matching entries.


The name filter is propably the most import and allows you to filter the directory by some text. To match an entry your search text has to be part of the name, the people involved, the address or the description.

The territory filter lets you limit the search results to a specific region. You should first select a region in the first list. Additionally you can select a country or state in that region in the second list. If you don't want to filter by territory, set the first list to 'the world'.

Select a type of entry. If you are only interested in clubs just select the 'Club' checkbox. Selecting multiple types means any entries matching any of the types are displayed. By default all types are selected. You can quickly change between all and no types by clicking on the link 'Types' at the beginning of the row.

Finally you can further restrict the matching entries by ticking the remaining checkboxes. We can mark certain entries as 'Recommended' because we like them and want to promote them. 'Last Month' and 'Last Year' shows only entries that have been updated in that period. 'With web site' only show entries that have given a url to their web site.


We only display up to 200 matching entries in sets of 20 per page. You can click on the numbers below the results to get to the other results. Why only 200? Well do you really want to look through more than that. You should really narrow your search to be more specific and get less results.

You can also use the main site search to find directory entries, but it doesn't give you the additional filter options for types and territory.

View an entry

This page shows all the information we have for an entry.

Change or remove an entry

To request a change or removal of an entry please send us a message on the Contact page explaining why you think it should be changed.

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