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We Free Kings
Formed in 84 'the cocksuckers' joe kingman and seb holbrook...mostly influenced by the Neon Boys and Velvet underground..however the loss of electric instruments lead to acoustic rehearsals and a different sound.other friends pulled instruments from wardrobes and junk shops..and joined in..and soon we free kings were an 8 piece orchestra..playing covers from the velvets to elvis presley...via the stooges.and writing more songs than ever got recorded....a chance encounter with a richard thompson lp lead to folkier leanings too..and early records by the woodentops and violent femmes and the triffids also inspired them.

They released 5 singles and one lp.toured ferociously...sometimes 3 gigs in a seperate towns..! [in 1986 managed roughly 400 gigs!] somehow never quite caught the live energy in studio recordings,though some bootleg recordings show the band at full tilt.... were named 'the fastest band ever to play at dam amsterdam'!!!'. toured and toured till, one by one the line-up shrank..and they finally dissolved around 1991-2...

various members can still be found making music under the names:

dead plants, fisherofgold, ramshackleday parade, hightown crows, orchestre macaroon, the alchemist

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Death Of The Wild Colonial Boy (7") 1986
on Howl! Records - WOOF 1
Oceans (7")
on DDT
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