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The Velvet Crush
(United States) Providence
1980-The Drats: Fashion Con + 3
          98% Effective Records STARO001 2X7"-Ric

1983-The Nines: Like A Top EP
          Pogo Records PEP002 7"-Paul

1984-Reverbs: The Happy Forest
          Metro America-Enigma Records E1063-Ric

1985-Paul Chastian: Halo
          Pet Sounds Records PSMA1965

1985-White Sisters: Nothing Out There b/w Misery Me & You
          Boat Records TWS1009 7" + four song cassette-Jeff

1987-Big Maybe: Somethings Never Change b/w
          It Should Be Alright by Now
          Picture Book Records PB001 7"-Ric & Paul

1987-Choo Choo Train: This Perfect Day b/w Happy Bicycle
          Picture Book Records PB002 7"-Ric & Paul

1987-Paint Set-VA: Beyond The Wild Wood-
          A Tribute To Syd Barrett
          Communion-Imaginary Records COMM14-Ric & Paul

1987-Stupid Cupids + Paul Chastain: Big Blue Bus +
          Raining All Day
          Bus Stop Records flexi

1988-Choo Choo Train: High b/w Wishing On A Star
          Subway Organization SUBWAY23 7" UK-Ric & Paul

1988-Choo Choo Train: High EP
          Subway Organization SUBWAY23T 12" UK-Ric & Paul

1988-Choo Choo Train: The Briar Rose EP
          Subway Organization SUBWAY20T 12" UK-Ric & Paul

1988-Springfields: Sunflower + 2
          Sarah Records SARAH10 7" UK-Ric & Paul

1988-Springfields: Sunflower b/w Clown
          Bus Stop Records BUS1 7"-Ric & Paul

1989-Choo Choo Train-VA: Whistlin' & Smilin'
          Happy Extreme Records SFC002 7" flexi
          w/Happy Extreme #12 Japanese-Ric & Paul

1989-Honeybunch: Crooked Mile b/w Time Trials
          Four Letter Words Fanzine FLW0017" flexi-Jeff

1989-Honeybunch: Hey Blue Sky b/w Warts & All
          Bus Stop Records BUS004 7"-Jeff

1989-Matt Allison: Hard To Look Perfect b/w Heyday
          Bus Stop Records BUS006 7"-Ric & Paul

1989-White Sisters: Big Girl b/w A Love Like Lead
          Picture Book Records PB004 7"-Jeff

1990-Choo Choo Train + Eye Pilgrims: Many Happy Returns
          Woosh Fanzine WOOSH010 7" Ltd flexi
          w/Woosh Fanzine #4 UK-Ric & Paul

1990-Choo Choo Train-VA: Airspace II The Sequal
          Breaking Down Records BREAKLP3 UK-Ric & Paul

1990-Springfields: Tomorrow Ends Today b/w
          She Swirls Around Me
          Picture Book Records PB005 7"-Ric & Paul

1990-Springfields: Tomorrow Ends Today b/w Wonder
          Sarah Records SARAH40 7" UK-Ric & Paul

1990-Velvet Crush + The Golden Dawn: Walking Out On Love
          Raving Pop Blast Records RAVE16FX 7"
          w/Fine Art of Shop Lifting No. 3 UK-Ric & Paul

1990-Velvet Crush: If Not True b/w One Thing TO Believe
          Bus Stop Records BUS007 7"

1991-Honeybunch: No More I Told You So's + 2
          Slumberland Records DRYL005 7" ltd 200
          in handmade velvet sleeve-Jeff

1991-Springfields: Reach For The Stars + 2
          Summershine Records SHINE005 7" Australian

1991-Velvet Crush: Ash & Earth + 2
          Seminal Twang Records TWANG3 7" UK

1991-Velvet Crush: Ash & Earth  + 3
          Bus Stop Records BUS011 7"

1991-Velvet Crush: In The Presence of Greatness
          Ringers Lactate Records RL05-2 CD

1992-Choo Choo Train: Briar High (Singles 1988)
          Subway Organization SUBORG15CD UK -Rick & Paul

1992-Honeybunch: Mine Your Own Business b/w
          Remember You Always
          Slumberland Records DRYL014 7"-Jeff

1993-Choo Choo Train-VA: Whole Wide World-
          The Subway Organization Label 1986-1990
          Subway Organization SUBORG16 CD-Ric & Paul

1993-Honeybunch: Endure Me
          Four Letter Words Records 009 7"-Jeff

1994-Velvet Crush: Teenage Symphonies to God
          Sony-550 Records 6442-2 CD

by Matthew Kaplan for the indiepoplist

by now there are more releases by Velvet Crush and Honeybunch and there are also the two Bag-O-Shells 7"es on Bus Stop.

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Velvet Crush (7") 1990
on The Bus Stop Label - BUS 7
- If Not True
- One Thing Two Believe
Ash And Earth (7") Jun 1991
on The Bus Stop Label - BUS 11
- Ash And Earth
- Circling The Sun
- Everything Flow
- She Cracked
Ash And Earth (7") 1991
on Seminal Twang Records - TWANG 03
The Soul Crusher EP (7") 1991
on Summershine Records - SHINE 009
- Ash And Earth
- Circling The Sun
- Everything Flows
- She Cracked
The Post-Greatness EP (7") May 1992
on Creation Records - CRE 122
Hold Me Up (7") 1994
on Parasol Records - PAR 001
On compilations:
The Velvet Dawn Flexi  (FLX) 1989
on Raving Pop Blast! Records
- Walking Out On Love
Rough Trade Shops Indiepop 1  (CD2) 3-Oct-2004
on Mute - CDSTUMM 239
500 copies with free 7", released by the Rough Trade shop in London
- Walking Out On Love
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