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(United States) Washington DC
Thanks to Sean Murphy ( for this.

Here's a somewhat old Tsunami discography, notably missing the new album and that _Monsters of Indie Rock_ (I think that's the name of it) 3 band 3 song disc (I think Tsunami's contribution is "Cowing the Bla Bla"). If Tsunami swings by your place, you must see them. Their live sound is loads better than their studio sound...their albums don't do John's drumming justice.

Last updated - October 17, 1993

This is a chronological discography, covering all the band's releases (including compilation appearances). When not specified, the record in question is on the Simple Machines label (more on that later). Also appearing at the end of this discography is a little more info on the band and their other musical projects, past and present.

  • Cow Arcade (cassette)

    Answerman - Flameproof Suit - Kickball Babe - Breakdown - Ski Trip - World Tour - Jonathan - Writing Letters - Andrew #1 - Candyman

    These are the first recordings of these songs, and ones that have appeared elsewhere have been re-recorded. Sound quality is pretty bad, but it's still a fun tape. "Jonathan" is a cover of "She Cracked" by the Modern Lovers. Andrew #1 is an instrumental. The rest (except Breakdown) have been released again.

  • Headringer EP (single)

    Flameproof Suit - World Tour - Ski Trip - Kickball Babe - Candyman

    First single, the one that started the ball rolling. By the time this was released, the band had stopped playing "Ski Trip" and seldom played "Candyman". Kristin sings "Kickball Babe."

  • You Can't Eat Music... (compilation cassette, no label)

    Answerman - World Tour - Ski Trip

    Live recordings for a benefit tape which also features Freak Beans, Fifth column, Moss Icon, and Commonwealth. Lower sound quality than _Cow Arcade_ if you can believe it.

  • Teriyaki Asthma VII (compilation single, C/Z Records)

    Punk Means Cuddle

    A fun song about losers who stereotype music kids (you say punk means asshole, but I know punk means cuddle...).

  • Atomic Fireball (split single with Velocity Girl, Sub Pop)

    Left Behind

    Part of the singles club, on pretty pink vinyl. A solid song with a nice edge to it.

  • Geniuses Of Crack (Homestead single)

    Geniuses Of Crack - Answerman

    The slow pretty song which wins your heart and the fast punky one which makes you dance.

  • Seasons Greetings (split single with Velocity Girl)

    Could Have Been Christmas

    A christmas single from the two bands - Tsunami's song sounds like a left-over from the Grenadine LP, and both bands team up to desecrate "Deck The Halls" (with Kristin on piano).

  • Souvenir Folder of Beautiful Arington, VA (single, Insipid Vinyl)

    Sometimes A Notion - Left Behind - Walking Tour

    Promo copies of the single have all 3 songs (as does the CD-single), regular copies have only the first two songs. "Walking Tour" is notable as Andrew's first official singing appearance (he mumbles on Cow Arcade, but that doesn't really count). Australian import, really hard to find now.

  • Diner (single)

    Load Hog - Gold Digger

    Jenny's song, "Load Hog," is standard fare. "Gold Digger" is Kristin's, and it's slow and sad and beautiful. "Some say I burn my bridges, but I'm too tired to light the match..."

  • Inclined Plane (compilation single)

    Beauty Pt. II

    Last of the "machine" comp singles. "Beauty" is a cover of Flower, an old band from NYC (Richard and Rob from Versus started out in Flower, as did Andrew from Ruby Falls).

  • Matchbook (single)

    In A Name - Not Living - Bossa Nova

    In A Name is from the LP, the other two are fine songs as well, Jenny sings them all. "Bossa Nova" has a passing resemblence to the band Eggs.

  • TeenBeat 100 (compilation single, TeenBeat Records)

    Brickbook Building

    Their contribution to the 10 band, 10 song 100th Teenbeat release. I wish this song were a little bit longer - it's getting into a nice groove just when the song ends.

  • Deep End (album/CD)

    In A Name - Slugger - Lucky - Water's Edge - Genius Of Crack - 460 - Valentine - Skinny - Waxed - Writing Letters - Stupid Like A Fox

    The long delayed LP. "Water's Edge" is a My Dad Is Dead cover. The CD contains extra cuts - they're all taken off the Simple Machines answering machine, and one is Aaron Stauffer of Seaweed singing "Flameproof Suit". Well worth the wait - this isn't just la-la music. An epic quality rises from many of these songs.

  • Working Holiday: August (split single with Small Factory)

    Kidding on The Square

    This is part of Simple Machines' year long project to release a split single each month, supposedly commemorating little known holidays in each month. Tsunami doesn't say what holiday they're celebrating, but it's a fine song nonetheless.

  • Echos From The Nation's Capitol (compilations, Third World Underground)


    An old song which was done for this comp a long time ago. It's good, and anyone who saw them before this summer will recognize the song - it's the one where they stop a lot for Jenny to play this little "da-de-da" guitar part in between crunhy stuff. The comp is all DC/Baltimore bands, including Liquor Bike, Candy Machine, Edsel, High Back Chairs, and Lungfish. (And no, it's not a typo on my part - that's how "Echos" is spelled on the cover and on the CD itself.)

Other projects: Jenny has been in many bands and projects over the years - Geek, Choke, My New Boyfriend, Slack, and Grenadine. Each of these has some sort of release on Simple Machines - a single or a tape. Grenadine also has an LP on Shimmy Disc which is spectacular. Andrew used to be in Bricks with Mac McCaughan (Superchunk et al.).

Simple Machines is the record label started by Jenny and Kristin in the fall of 1990. It has released 6 machine-based singles (Wedge, Wheel, Pulley, Screw, Lever, and Inclined Plane), singles from Sugartime & Tear Jerks, tapes by the Mommyheads and the Hated and Saturnine, cds from the Mommyheads and Scrawl, and more, always keeping the prices reasonable and the music available (when possible).

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Deep End (LP+CD) 1992
on Simple Machines
24 Hour Service (7") 1993
on Simple Machines
In A Name (7") 1993
on Simple Machines
On compilations:
Season's Grettings  (7") 1992
on Simple Machines - SMR 014
- Could Have Been Christmas
Working Holiday - August  (7") Aug 1993
on Simple Machines
- Kidding On The Square
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