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Tiger Trap
(United States) Sacramento
Thanks to Kane H Tsay for compiling and posting this.

  • Rose Melberg - "My Day" on International Pop Underground Convention comp on K.
  • Tiger Trap - "Words and Smiles" on a split 7" with Bratmobile on Four Letter Words.
  • Tiger Trap - "Supercrush" 7" on K.
  • Tiger Trap - Tiger Trap LP on K.
  • Tiger Trap - "Supreme Nothing" on Stars Kill Rock comp on Kill Rock Stars.
  • Tiger Trap - "Baby Blue" on Julep comp on Yoyo.
  • Tiger Trap - "Sour Grass" e.p. on K.
  • Tiger Trap - "Alien Space Song" on a split 7" with Henry's Dress on Slumberland.
  • Rose Melberg - "Cupid" on a split flexi with Magpies on I wish I was a Slumberland.
  • Softies - 7" on Slumberland.
  • Go Sailor - w/ Rose, Amy Henry's Dress, and Paul Curran. No releases yet, but hopefully a 7" on Slumberland in the future.
this is way out of date, sorry.

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Sour Grass (CD5) Oct 1993
on K Label - tba
Supercrash (7") 1993
on K Label - tba
Tiger Trap Tiger Trap Tiger Trap (CD) 1993
on K Label - tba
On compilations:
- unknown
on Four Letter Words - FLW 008
- Words And Smiles
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