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Songs by Would-Be-Goods
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1999 Brief Lives (CD)
A Professor Momtchiloff Mystery Eventyr (CD)
A Season In Hell Brief Lives (CD)
Ameretto The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Angel Square Mondo (CD)
Baby Romaine Eventyr (CD)
Bad Lord Byron Brief Lives (CD)
Bayswater Blues The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Black Pearls Of Polynesia Mondo (CD)
Butterfly Kiss Brief Lives (CD)
By The Light Of A Cynical Moon The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Casanova 92 Mondo (CD)
Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
Christmas In Haiti Mondo (CD)
Death A La Carte The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Dilettante Brief Lives (CD)
Diminuendo Brief Lives (CD)
Dream Lover Mondo (CD)
Ecuador Days Mondo (CD)
Elegand Rascal Brief Lives (CD)
Emmanuelle Beart Emmanuelle Beart (CD5)
Enemies of Promise Eventyr (CD)
Esperanza Brief Lives (CD)
Everybody Wants My Baby Emmanuelle Beart (CD5)
Everybody Wants My Baby The MatinĂ©e Spring Collection (CD comp. )
Exotica Mondo (CD)
Fancy Man Brief Lives (CD)
Flashman Brief Lives (CD)
Gigi Geographic Mondo (CD)
Heart of Tin Eventyr (CD)
In Bohemia Eventyr (CD)
Je Leche Les Vitrines Emmanuelle Beart (CD5)
La Fonda Del Sol Mondo (CD)
La Fonda Del Sol A Meeting On The Disc (CD5 comp. )
Lisbon Beat Mondo (CD)
Marvellous Boy The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Melusine Eventyr (CD)
Motorbike Girl The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Mystery Jones Brief Lives (CD)
Pefect Dear (2001) Sugar Mummy (7")
Perfect Dear The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Pinstriped Rebel The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Pleasure Island Eventyr (CD)
Rich and Strange Brief Lives (CD)
Richard III Brief Lives (CD)
Rose Du Barry The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Run For Your Life A Meeting On The Disc (CD5 comp. )
Sad Stories Eventyr (CD)
Southernmost Matinée 50 (CD comp. )
Spanish Tragedy Sugar Mummy (7")
Subtle Charm Eventyr (CD)
Sugar Mummy Sugar Mummy (7")
Temporary Best Friend Eventyr (CD)
The Camera Loves Me The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
The End Of The World The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
The Ghost Of Mr. Minton Eventyr (CD)
The Girl At No. 7 Eventyr (CD)
Trying To Be Bad Brief Lives (CD)
Velasquez And I The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Venusberg Eventyr (CD)
Vivre sa vie Brief Lives (CD)
Whitsun Bride Brief Lives (CD)
Words Emmanuelle Beart (CD5)
Wrong Way Round The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
Young Man From Caracas The Camera Loves Me (LP+CD)
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