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Songs by Tullycraft
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A Cursed Miss Maybellene Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Bored to Hear Your Heart Still Breaks Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Break Seaside (and over) Team Bunnygrunt vs. Team Tullycraft (7" comp. )
Building the Robot Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Christine, ND Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Clique At Night Vandals Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Cowgirls on Parade Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
DIY Queen Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Dracula Screams of Tiger Style (Parts 1&2) Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Every Little Thing Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Fall 4 U Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Falling Out Of Love (with you) Twee (7")
Fangs on Bats Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Georgette Plays a Goth Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Girl About Town Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Glitter & Twang Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Heroes & Villians Tullycraft And Rizzo (7" comp. )
I Kept the Beach Boys Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
If You Take Away the Make-Up (Then the Vampires They Will Die) Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Knockout Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Leaders of the New School Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Maybe Baby Team Bunnygrunt vs. Team Tullycraft (7" comp. )
Misgiving Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Molly's Got a Crush On Us Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
One Essex Girl Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Orange Cake Mix Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Our Days In Kansas Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Piano Lessons For Beauty Queens Pop American Style (CD+LP2 comp. )
Pink Lemonade FPAP (7" comp. )
Polaroids From Mars Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Radio Theme Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Rumble With the Gang Debs Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Secretly Minnesotan Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
Sent to the Moon Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Stowaway Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
The Last Song Disenchanted Hearts Unite (LP+CD)
The Lonely Life of The UFO Researcher Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
The Neutron Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
The Punks Are Writing Love Songs Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
The Secret History of Devil's Paw Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Twee Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Twee Twee (7")
We Know You're Cute, You Told Us Every Scene Needs A Center (CD)
Who Needs What Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
Wild Bikini Beat Surf Fun (LP+CD)
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