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Songs by True Love Always
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100 Years of You Torch (CD)
127 m.p.h. Hopefully (CD)
All Along the Basement When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Bachelor Bare Clouds (LP+CD)
Bicycle Rider When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Buried Treasure Buried Treasure (7")
Buried Treasure Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Cashmere Hopefully (CD)
Cigarette Star When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Dionne When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Don't Take It Easy When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Echoes In 2001 Teenbeat Sampler (CD comp. )
Everyone Knows When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Faust 1999 Teenbeat Sampler (CD comp. )
Faust Spring Collection (LP+CD)
For You Alone Clouds (LP+CD)
Furs Torch (CD)
Give Me the Colors Clouds (LP+CD)
Hopelessly Devoted Buried Treasure (7")
Hopelessly Devoted Spring Collection (LP+CD)
I Can Only See You Smile Clouds (LP+CD)
Ill Systems Hopefully (CD)
In It to Win It Torch (CD)
I've Got a Crush On You When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
IWW Hopefully (CD)
Je Me Souviens Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Let the Rain Blow In Clouds (LP+CD)
Making Love Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Mediterranean Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Modesto Clouds (LP+CD)
More Hopefully (CD)
Party Time When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Peel Away Clouds (LP+CD)
R U Coping w/Me? Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Rockets+Jets Torch (CD)
Secret Scenes Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Secret Static Spring Collection (LP+CD)
September Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Shame On You When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Sheets Torch (CD)
Show & Prove Hopefully (CD)
Shy Song Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Sidewalks and Spaces Clouds (LP+CD)
Silence Of the Mind Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Spelling B Hopefully (CD)
Spring Collection Hopefully (CD)
Stream Up Torch (CD)
Summer Books Clouds (LP+CD)
Summertime Time When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
Sunshine Torch (CD)
Sweet Time Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Take Me Over Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Teenage Stonehenge Hopefully (CD)
The Garden's Inside Clouds (LP+CD)
The Losing Part Torch (CD)
The Winter Months Hopefully (CD)
Things To Do Today - 1). Try Hopefully (CD)
Tongue Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Top Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Torch Torch (CD)
Tracing the Rays Clouds (LP+CD)
Underneath Torch (CD)
Windows Fade Spring Collection (LP+CD)
Windows Fade Torch (CD)
Yearbook When Will You Be Mine? (CD)
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