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Songs by This Year's Model
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A Place That's Real Greetings from This Year's Model (7")
A Sleepy Girl The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
A Whisper Around The Town We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
Age - Getting Over It Properly The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
Birthday Letters The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
Hotel Damier, Courtrai The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
I Am My Best Friend Acquaintance The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
I Swear I Was There We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
I Think The Snow Saved Me The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
If I Were Greetings from This Year's Model (7")
If You Would Take Me Out Tonight We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
It Spells We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
Method Acting The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
Mid-Feb Greetings from This Year's Model (7")
Millionaires We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
No Miracles We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
O, Heaven Help My Foolish Heart The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
Ocean The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
Picture This Ended The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
Publisher's Son We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
Second Sight The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
Ten Clock Murder The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
The Librarian We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
The Lost Days Of My Life We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
The Postcard Greetings from This Year's Model (7")
The Postcard The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
The Sprectre Begins We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
We Walk Like Ghosts We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
What Did I First Hear? The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
Wishes For Jean-Paul The Clock Strikes Ten (CD)
You Don't Have To Report Me We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
Your Boyfriend Has Run Into Trouble We Walk Like Ghosts (CD)
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