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Songs by The Sugargliders
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(Theme From) Boxville Ahprahran (7"+CD5)
(Theme From) Boxville Compilation (LP+CD)
90 Days Of Moths And Rust Compilation (LP+CD)
90 Days Of Moths And Rust Top 40 Sculpture (7")
Ahprahran Ahprahran (7"+CD5)
Ahprahran Compilation (LP+CD)
Aloha Street Compilation (LP+CD)
Aloha Street Seventeen (7")
Another Faux Pas Another Faux Pas In The Cathedral Of Love (7")
Beloved Trumpet Play (7"+CD5)
Book Of Dreams Butterfly Soup (7")
Coffee Furlough EP (7")
Corn Circles Ahprahran (7"+CD5)
Dolly Will We Ever Learn (7"+CD5)
Everybody Supermarket International Pop EP (7" comp. )
Everybody Supermarket Seven Summers (CD comp. )
Fret Butterfly Soup (7")
Fruitloopin Seventeen (7")
Furlough Furlough EP (7")
Give Me Some Confidence Furlough EP (7")
Letter From A Lifeboat Compilation (LP+CD)
Letter From A Lifeboat Letter From A Lifeboat (7")
Police Me Butterfly Soup (7")
Progress Lullaby Sway (7")
Reinventing Penicillin Compilation (LP+CD)
Reinventing Penicillin Will We Ever Learn (7"+CD5)
Seventeen Compilation (LP+CD)
Seventeen Seventeen (7")
Skylight Salt Another Faux Pas In The Cathedral Of Love (7")
Strong Compilation (LP+CD)
Strong Letter From A Lifeboat (7")
Sway Sway (7")
This Travelling Song Sway (7")
Top 40 Sculpture Compilation (LP+CD)
Top 40 Sculpture Top 40 Sculpture (7")
Trumpet Play Compilation (LP+CD)
Trumpet Play Trumpet Play (7"+CD5)
Unkind Compilation (LP+CD)
Unkind Trumpet Play (7"+CD5)
What We Had Hoped Letter From A Lifeboat (7")
Will We Ever Learn? Compilation (LP+CD)
Will We Ever Learn? Will We Ever Learn (7"+CD5)
Your Jacket Top 40 Sculpture (7")
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