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Songs by Spy
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All Summer Long Unknown Places (CD)
Don't Know How Unknown Places (CD)
Hand In Hand Shadow (7")
Hand In Hand Unknown Places (CD)
Happy As A Child Unknown Places (CD)
Have You Ever Unknown Places (CD)
Heaven Unknown Places (CD)
It Will Happen Unknown Places (CD)
Just Like Love Unknown Places (CD)
King Of Happiness (Demo) Unknown Places (CD)
Licence To Kill Unknown Places (CD)
Man Of Today Unknown Places (CD)
Man Of Today (Demo) Unknown Places (CD)
Please Read Me Shadow (7")
Please Read Me Unknown Places (CD)
Shadow Shadow (7")
Shadow Unknown Places (CD)
She's Having Fun Unknown Places (CD)
Space Song Unknown Places (CD)
Space Song (Demo) Unknown Places (CD)
Special Agent Bell Unknown Places (CD)
The Way That I Feel Unknown Places (CD)
Tomorrow Unknown Places (CD)
Worthwhile #2 Unknown Places (CD)
Yesterday's Child Unknown Places (CD)
You And I Unknown Places (CD)
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