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Songs by The Softies
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About You Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Alaska It's Love (LP+CD)
All In Good Time The Softies (CD)
An Awful Mess It's Love (LP+CD)
Anywhere But Here Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Charms Around Your Wrist It's Love (LP+CD)
Could I It's Love (LP+CD)
Count To Ten The Softies (CD)
Excellent Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Favorite Shade of Blue Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
Follow Me It's Love (LP+CD)
Fortune Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Fragile, Don’t Crush It's Love (LP+CD)
Goodbye Loveseat (7")
Half As Much The Softies (CD)
Heart Condition It's Love (LP+CD)
Hello Rain It's Love (LP+CD)
Holiday in Rhode Island Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Thank God) It's Love (LP+CD)
I Love You More It's Love (LP+CD)
If You Stayed Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
It’s Love It's Love (LP+CD)
Just A Day Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
Loveseat Loveseat (7")
Make Up Your Mind Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Me and the Bees Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
My Empty Arms Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
My Foolish Way Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
No One at All Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Over Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Pack Your Things and Go Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Pedestal The Softies (CD)
Perfect Afternoon It's Love (LP+CD)
Postal Blue The Softies (CD)
Saint Agnes Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
Selfish The Softies (CD)
Sixteen Months The Softies (CD)
Sleep Away Your Troubles Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
Snow Like This The Softies (CD)
So Sad Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Splintered Hands Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Sturdies Bay Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
That and Everything Loveseat (7")
The Beginning of the End Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
The Best Days Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
The Places We Go Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
These Sad Times Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
This House It's Love (LP+CD)
Tracks and Tunnels Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Until You Tell It's Love (LP+CD)
Winter Pageant Winter Pageant (LP+CD)
Write it Down Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
You and You Only Holiday in Rhode Island (CD)
You Don't Like Me Anymore Loveseat (7")
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