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Songs by The Shermans
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Are You Near Casual (CD)
Are You Near? Happy Being Lonely (7")
Best of Friends Casual (CD)
Best Of Friends Happy Being Lonely (7")
DIsneyland Casual (CD)
Disneyland Airpop (LP2+CD comp. )
Ever After Casual (CD)
Falling Out Of Love Falling Out Of Love (CD5)
Fling Casual (CD)
Fling The Sound Of Shermans (7")
Fly Away Casual (CD)
Happy Being Lonely Casual (CD)
Happy Being Lonely Happy Being Lonely (7")
Ladybug Falling Out Of Love (CD5)
Leaving Tracks Casual (CD)
Little Millie Falling Out Of Love (CD5)
Loud and Laughing Casual (CD)
Loud And Laughing Happy Being Lonely (7")
My Animated World Casual (CD)
My Baby Falling Out Of Love (CD5)
My Cue Casual (CD)
My Favorite Cuppa Casual (CD)
My Favorite Cuppa Airpop (LP2+CD comp. )
Practiced Performance You Make Me Smile (CD comp. )
Rush Hour Casual (CD)
Rush Hour The Sound Of Shermans (7")
Rush Hour Moshi Moshi: Pop International Style (CD comp. )
Shallow Smile Falling Out Of Love (CD5)
Snowsong Casual (CD)
Springtime Sunshine Casual (CD)
Springtime Sunshine Benno Presents Volume One (7" comp. )
Summer In Your Heart Casual (CD)
Summer In Your Heart The Sound Of Shermans (7")
Sun Beach Summer Casual (CD)
The Come December In Technicolor (CD)
The Crazy World In Technicolor (CD)
The Dumbhead In Technicolor (CD)
The Finally April In Technicolor (CD)
The Finding Time In Technicolor (CD)
the last one Bliss One (CD comp. )
The Myth of Being Alone Casual (CD)
The Myth Of Being Alone The Sound Of Shermans (7")
The Practiced Performance In Technicolor (CD)
The Sunday Morning In Technicolor (CD)
The Waiting for You In Technicolor (CD)
The Wasted Moments In Technicolor (CD)
The Water In Technicolor (CD)
The Wrong Day In Technicolor (CD)
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