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Songs by The Servants
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A Fleeting Visit Reserved (CD)
Afterglow Reserved (CD)
Do Or Be Done Reserved (CD)
Faithful To 3 Lovers Reserved (CD)
Funny Business The Sun A Small Star (12")
Funny Business Reserved (CD)
Hey, Mrs John Reserved (CD)
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times Reserved (CD)
It Takes No Gentleman The Sun A Small Star (12")
It Takes No Gentleman Reserved (CD)
It's My Turn Reserved (CD)
Loggerheads Reserved (CD)
Loggerheads Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
Meredith The Sun A Small Star (12")
Meredith Reserved (CD)
Rings On Her Fingers Reserved (CD)
Search Under Stones Reserved (CD)
She Whom Once I Dreamt Of Reserved (CD)
She's Always Hiding Reserved (CD)
She's Always Hiding She's Always Hiding (7")
The Sun A Small Star The Sun A Small Star (12")
The Sun A Small Star CD86 (CD comp. )
The Sun, A Small Star Reserved (CD)
Transparent NME C86 Compilation (LP+K7 comp. )
Transparent Reserved (CD)
Transparent She's Always Hiding (7")
Water Baby Blonde Reserved (CD)
Who's Calling You Baby Now? Reserved (CD)
You'd Do Me Good Reserved (CD)
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