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Songs by Saint Etienne
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Avenue So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Been so long Good Humor (LP+CD)
Boy Scouts Of America Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Calico So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Carnt Sleep Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Chicken Soup So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Clock Milk So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Conchita Martinez So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Cool Kids Of Death Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Date with Spelman So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Dilworth's theme Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Dutch TV Good Humor (LP+CD)
Erica America Good Humor (LP+CD)
Etienne Gonna Die Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Former LoverHug My Soul Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Girl VII Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Goodnight Jack Good Humor (LP+CD)
Here Come Clown Feet So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Hobart Paving So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Hug My Soul Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Hug My Soul-1 Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
I Was Born On Christmas Day Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
I'm Too Sexy The Fred E.P. (7"+12"+CD5 comp. )
Join our Club So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Junk the Morgue So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Kiss and Make Up Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Leafhound So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Like A Motorway Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Like A Motorway (Alternate Version) Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Like The Swallow Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
London Belongs To Me Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Lose that girl Good Humor (LP+CD)
Marble Lions Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Mario's Cafe So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Memo to Pricey So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Mr. Donut Good Humor (LP+CD)
No Rainbows for Me So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
Nothing Can Stop Us Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
On The Shore Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Only Love Can Break Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Pale Movie Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
People Get Real Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Postman Good Humor (LP+CD)
Railway Jam So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
She's The One Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Split screen Good Humor (LP+CD)
Spring Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Stoned To Say The Least Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Sylvie Good Humor (LP+CD)
The bad photographer Good Humor (LP+CD)
This Is Radio Etienne Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Urban Clearway Tiger Bay (CD+LP+MC)
Wilson Foxbase Alpha (LP+CD)
Wood Cabin Good Humor (LP+CD)
You're in a Bad Way So Tough (CD+LP+MC+MD+DCC)
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