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Songs by Razorcuts
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A Contract With God Patterns On The Water (CD)
A Contract With God R is for Razorcuts (CD)
A Contract With God Storyteller (LP+CD)
A Is For Alphabet A Is For Alphabet ep (CD5)
A Is For Alphabet Patterns On The Water (CD)
A Is For Alphabet R is for Razorcuts (CD)
A Is For Alphabet I Heard You The First Time (7"+12")
Across Meadow R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Across Meadow The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
Big Pink Cake Big Pink Cake (7")
Big Pink Cake R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Big Pink Cake Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
Big Pink Cake Surfin In The Subway (LP comp. )
Brighter Now Patterns On The Water (CD)
Brighter Now R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Brighter Now Storyteller (LP+CD)
Brighter Now Doing It For The Kids (LP+CD comp. )
Change Patterns On The Water (CD)
Change The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
Come My Way The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
Eight Times Around The World Patterns On The Water (CD)
Eight Times Around The World R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Eight Times Around The World I Heard You The First Time (7"+12")
Everyday Eyes R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Everyday Eyes Storyteller (LP+CD)
First Day A Is For Alphabet ep (CD5)
First Day I Heard You The First Time (7"+12")
First Day Patterns On The Water (CD)
Flowers For Abigail The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
For Always A Is For Alphabet ep (CD5)
For Always Sometimes I Worry About You (7")
Goodnight England The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
I Heard You The First Time I Heard You The First Time (7"+12")
I Heard You The First Time Patterns On The Water (CD)
I Heard You The First Time R is for Razorcuts (CD)
I Won't Let You Down Patterns On The Water (CD)
I Won't Let You Down R is for Razorcuts (CD)
I Won't Let You Down The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
I'll Still Be There Big Pink Cake (7")
I'll Still Be There R is for Razorcuts (CD)
I'll Still Be There Storyteller (LP+CD)
I'll Still Be There CD86 (CD comp. )
I'll Still Be There (single version) R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Jade R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Jade Storyteller (LP+CD)
Mary Day Patterns On The Water (CD)
Mary Day R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Mary Day Sorry To Embarrass You (7"+12")
Mile High Towers The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
Music From The Big Pink Sometimes I Worry About You (7")
Sad Kaleidoscope R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Sad Kaleidoscope Sha-La-La Flexi 2 - The 'Who Needs The Bloody Cartel anyway?' EP (FLX comp. )
Sad Kaleidoscope The Legend Flexi (FLX comp. )
Silhoette Storyteller (LP+CD)
Sky High Storyteller (LP+CD)
Snowbirds Don't Fly Patterns On The Water (CD)
Snowbirds Don't Fly Sorry To Embarrass You (7"+12")
Snowbound A Is For Alphabet ep (CD5)
Snowbound Patterns On The Water (CD)
Snowbound The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
Sometime I Worry About You Sometimes I Worry About You (7")
Sometimes I Worry About You A Is For Alphabet ep (CD5)
Sorry To Embarrass You R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Sorry To Embarrass You Sometimes I Worry About You (7")
Sorry To Embarrass You Sorry To Embarrass You (7"+12")
Sorry To Embarrass You Rough Trade Shops Indiepop 1 (CD2 comp. )
Sorry To Embarrass You The indie top 20 Volume #1 (LP comp. )
Steps To The Sea The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
Storyteller Patterns On The Water (CD)
Storyteller R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Storyteller Storyteller (LP+CD)
Summer In Your Heart R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Summer In Your Heart Sorry To Embarrass You (7"+12")
The Horror Of Party Beach R is for Razorcuts (CD)
The Last Picture Show Patterns On The Water (CD)
The Last Picture Show R is for Razorcuts (CD)
The Last Picture Show Storyteller (LP+CD)
The World Keeps Turning Patterns On The Water (CD)
The World Keeps Turning R is for Razorcuts (CD)
The World Keeps Turning The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
Try R is for Razorcuts (CD)
Try Storyteller (LP+CD)
Waterfall The World Keeps Turning (LP+CD)
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