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Songs by The Railway Children
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I Caught You In The Meantime (7"+12")
A Gentle Sound A Gentle Sound (7"+12")
A Gentle Sound Listen On (LP+CD)
A Gentle Sound Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
A Gentle Sound Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
A Gentle Sound (demo) Over And Over (7"+12")
A Gentle Sound [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
A Pleasure Recurrence (LP+CD)
A Pleasure [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
After The Rain Listen On (LP+CD)
After The Rain The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
After The Rain Something So Good (7"+12"+Red 12"+CD5)
Another Town Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Another Town The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Because Native Place (LP+CD)
Big Hands Of Freedom Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Big Hands Of Freedom The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Big Hands Of Freedom (live) Over And Over (7"+12")
Big Hands of Freedom [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
Blue Sky Native Place (LP+CD)
Brighter Brighter (7"+12")
Brighter Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Brighter [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
Careful Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Careful Brighter (7"+12")
Chrysalis Recurrence (LP+CD)
Collide Listen On (LP+CD)
Collide Native Place (LP+CD)
Collide [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
come around Dream Arcade (CD)
Consider The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Consider Manchester So Much To Answer For (LP+CD comp. )
Content A Gentle Sound (7"+12")
Content Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Cotton Counting Native Place (LP+CD)
Darkness and Colour A Gentle Sound (7"+12")
Darkness and Colour Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Darkness And Colour (demo 1986) Somewhere South (7"+12")
dont need Dream Arcade (CD)
dream arcade Dream Arcade (CD)
Every Beat Of My Heart Every Beat Of My Heart (7"+10"+12")
Every Beat Of The Heart Native Place (LP+CD)
Everybeat Of The Heart Listen On (LP+CD)
Everybeat of the Heart [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
Everybody Every Beat Of My Heart (7"+10"+12")
Everybody Listen On (LP+CD)
Fall On Native Place (LP+CD)
First Notebook Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Give It Away Every Beat Of My Heart (7"+10"+12")
Give It Away Listen On (LP+CD)
Go Ahead The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Go Ahead Head Over Ears (LP comp. )
Go Ahead Something So Good (7"+12"+Red 12"+CD5)
Harbour Force Native Place (LP+CD)
History Burns Brighter (7"+12")
History Burns Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Hours Go By Listen On (LP+CD)
Hours Go By Something So Good (7"+12"+Red 12"+CD5)
Hours Go By The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
I Know Tomorrow [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
In The Meantime In The Meantime (7"+12")
In The Meantime Listen On (LP+CD)
In The Meantime Recurrence (LP+CD)
In The Meantime The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
In the Meantime [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
It Wont Be Long The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
It Wont Be Long Music Stop (7"+12"+CD5)
It Wont Be Long [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
It's Heaven Native Place (LP+CD)
Kinds Of Fuel The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Kinds Of Fuel So Right (7"+12"+2*12"+CD5)
let it go Dream Arcade (CD)
light the fuse Dream Arcade (CD)
Listen On Listen On (LP+CD)
Listen On Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
Listen On The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Listen On (demo 1986) Somewhere South (7"+12")
Merciless In The Meantime (7"+12")
Merciless Recurrence (LP+CD)
Merciless The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Moniac's Light [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
Monica's Light Listen On (LP+CD)
Monica's Light The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Monicas' Light Recurrence (LP+CD)
Music Stop Listen On (LP+CD)
Music Stop Music Stop (7"+12"+CD5)
Music Stop Native Place (LP+CD)
Music Stop (Extended Version) Music Stop (7"+12"+CD5)
Music Stop (Steve Proctor Mix) Music Stop (7"+12"+CD5)
My Word Recurrence (LP+CD)
Native Place Native Place (LP+CD)
No Great Objections Recurrence (LP+CD)
Over and Over Listen On (LP+CD)
Over And Over Over And Over (7"+12")
Over and Over Recurrence (LP+CD)
Over and Over [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
Peacenik [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
Railroad Side Reunion Wilderness (LP+CD)
rising closer Dream Arcade (CD)
Second Nature In The Meantime (7"+12")
Skinship [Electric] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
So Right So Right (7"+12"+2*12"+CD5)
So Right The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
So Right (Dakeyne mix) So Right (7"+12"+2*12"+CD5)
So Right (laylow mix) So Right (7"+12"+2*12"+CD5)
So Right (Strawberry mix) So Right (7"+12"+2*12"+CD5)
Something So Good Listen On (LP+CD)
Something So Good Native Place (LP+CD)
Something So Good Something So Good (7"+12"+Red 12"+CD5)
Somewhere South Listen On (LP+CD)
Somewhere South Recurrence (LP+CD)
Somewhere South [Acoustic] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
Standing Too Still Something So Good (7"+12"+Red 12"+CD5)
Step Aside Something So Good (7"+12"+Red 12"+CD5)
Strange Attractor The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
Strange Attractor Every Beat Of My Heart (7"+10"+12")
Sunflower Room Manchester North of England (LP+K7 comp. )
Swallowed Recurrence (LP+CD)
Tell Me Music Stop (7"+12"+CD5)
The Forgotten [Electric] Gentle Sound (CD) (CD)
these things she does Dream Arcade (CD)
understand Dream Arcade (CD)
Union City Blue Over And Over (7"+12")
wake the dreamer Dream Arcade (CD)
What She Wants Listen On (LP+CD)
What She Wants Music Stop (7"+12"+CD5)
What She Wants The Radio One Evening Show Sessions (CD)
what tommorow brings Dream Arcade (CD)
You're Young Listen On (LP+CD)
You're Young Native Place (LP+CD)
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