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Songs by Pipas
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A Cat Escaped A Cat Escaped (CD)
A Short Film About Sleeping A Short Film About Sleeping (7")
A Short Film About Sleeping Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
amsterdam Chunnel Autumnal (10")
Amsterdam Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
Barbapapa A Cat Escaped (CD)
Bitter Club Bitter Club (CD5)
Book Launch Golden Square (CD)
bye bye Chunnel Autumnal (10")
Bye Bye Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
Cruel and Unusual A Cat Escaped (CD)
don't tell me that Chunnel Autumnal (10")
Don't Tell Me That Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
Don't Walk Golden Square (CD)
Emblematic A Cat Escaped (CD)
Fingerprints A Short Film About Sleeping (7")
Fingerprints Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
Golden Square Golden Square (CD)
Hard Times Golden Square (CD)
Hiding in the Park Golden Square (CD)
It's Too Soon Golden Square (CD)
Jean C Bitter Club (CD5)
Mental Bitter Club (CD5)
Minilife Bitter Club (CD5)
moss oval Chunnel Autumnal (10")
Moss Oval Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
No Puedes Pensar Cinco de Mayo (Long Lost Tour CD) (CD)
No Suspires Mas Golden Square (CD)
Old Kent Road A Cat Escaped (CD)
Pidg's Brew Golden Square (CD)
Riff-Raff Cinco de Mayo (Long Lost Tour CD) (CD)
Rock And/Or Roll A Cat Escaped (CD)
Run Run Run A Cat Escaped (CD)
Sixten Bitter Club (CD5)
Sleep=Shut Up (Ellie's Song) Cinco de Mayo (Long Lost Tour CD) (CD)
South Golden Square (CD)
South Bitter Club (CD5)
st. pancras Chunnel Autumnal (10")
St. Pancras Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
The Abstract Geometries Cinco de Mayo (Long Lost Tour CD) (CD)
the bobby Chunnel Autumnal (10")
The Bobby Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
The Conversation A Cat Escaped (CD)
The Witches A Cat Escaped (CD)
tout va bien Chunnel Autumnal (10")
Tout Va Bien Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
Troublesome A Short Film About Sleeping (7")
Troublesome Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
wells street Chunnel Autumnal (10")
Wells Street Chunnel Autumnal [Reissue] (CD)
What Nobody Does A Cat Escaped (CD)
You Kill Me Matinée 50 (CD comp. )
Yrrkdbk Cinco de Mayo (Long Lost Tour CD) (CD)
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