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Songs by Mocca
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(I Can't Believe) You've Cheated On Me! Colours (CD)
And Rain Will Fall My Diary (CD+Tape)
Dear Diary Colours (CD)
Do What You Wanna Do Colours (CD)
Dream My Diary (CD+Tape)
Goodnight Song My Diary (CD+Tape)
Hyper-Ballad Colours (CD)
I Love You Anyway Colours (CD)
I Remember My Diary (CD+Tape)
I Would Never... Peachy Little Secrets (CD comp. )
Intro Colours (CD)
Let Me Go Colours (CD)
Life Keeps On Turning My Diary (CD+Tape)
Me & My Boyfriend My Diary (CD+Tape)
My Only One My Diary (CD+Tape)
Ode For The Love Ones Colours (CD)
Once Upon A Time My Diary (CD+Tape)
Secret Admirer My Diary (CD+Tape)
Seven Days Ago Colours (CD)
Sing Colours (CD)
Sunday Afternoon My Diary (CD+Tape)
Telephone My Diary (CD+Tape)
The Best Thing Colours (CD)
The Object Of My Affection Colours (CD)
Twist Me Around My Diary (CD+Tape)
What If... My Diary (CD+Tape)
When The Moonlight Shines.. My Diary (CD+Tape)
You Colours (CD)
You Don't Even Know Me Colours (CD)
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