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Songs by The Lucksmiths
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21 Boondoggle (CD)
A Downside To The Upstairs Where Were We? (CD)
A Great Parker Happy Secret (CD)
A Hiccup in Your Happiness A Hiccup In Your Happiness (CD5)
A Hiccup In Your Happiness Warmer Corners (CD)
Abdication! Happy Secret (CD)
Adolescent Song of Mindless Devotion First Tape (on CD) (CD)
After the After Party A Little Distraction (CD)
All The Recipes I've Ever Ruined Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Andrew's Pleasure First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Are You Having a Good Time?!?! Macintyre (7")
Aviatrix The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Beach Boys Medley Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Beer Nut Southernmost EP (7")
Beer Nut Happy Secret (CD)
Before the Sun Came Up Staring At The Sky (10"+CD)
Birthday Present for Katrina First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Broken Bones Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Camera Shy Naturaliste (CD)
Can't Believe It's Not Better Staring At The Sky (10"+CD)
Can't Believe My Eyes Where Were We? (CD)
Caravanna A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Cat in Sunshine First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Clever Hans Boondoggle (CD)
Cliched Title for Kris First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Columns O' Sterm A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Danielle Steel What Bird Is That? (CD)
Day In The City What Bird Is That? (CD)
Deep Sea Diving Suit T-Shirt Weather (CD5)
Detective Agency The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Don't Bring Your Work To Bed Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Don't Come With Me Happy Secret (CD)
e, Eg, Etc. Staring At The Sky (10"+CD)
Edward, Sandwich Hand Untidy Towns (7")
Edward, Sandwich Hand Happy Secret (CD)
English Murder Mystery First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Even Stevens Where Were We? (CD)
Falling Off of My Feet Again Matinée 50 (CD comp. )
Fear Of Rollercoasters Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Fiction Warmer Corners (CD)
First Cousin Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Fridge Magnet Song Boondoggle (CD)
Friendless Summer North American Summer (7")
Friendless Summer Where Were We? (CD)
Frisbee What Bird Is That? (CD)
From Here to Maternity The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
From Macaulay Station A Hiccup In Your Happiness (CD5)
Get Well Now Macintyre (7")
Goodness Gracious North American Summer (7")
Goodness Gracious Where Were We? (CD)
Great Lengths Warmer Corners (CD)
Guess How Much I Love You A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Harmonicas and Trams Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Honey Honey Honey A Little Distraction (CD)
Housewarming What Bird Is That? (CD)
How To Tie A Tie Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
I Am About To Soul What Bird Is That? (CD)
I Don't Want To Walk Around No More Warmer Corners (CD)
I Prefer The Twentieth Century Where Were We? (CD)
I Started A Joke The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco (CD5)
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now Warmer Corners (CD)
I've Got It And It's Not Worth Having A Smile Took Over EP (7"2 comp. )
Jennifer Jason What Bird Is That? (CD)
Jewel Thieves The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Little Athletics A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Little Distraction A Little Distraction (CD)
Macintyre What Bird Is That? (CD)
Macintyre Macintyre (7")
Mars Where Were We? (CD)
Mezzanine The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Midweek Midmorning Midweek Midmorning (CD5)
Midweek Midmorning Naturaliste (CD)
Motorscooter The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Moving A Little Distraction (CD)
Music To Hold Hands To Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Myopic Friends The Cassingle Revival (7")
Myopic Friends Where Were We? (CD)
Now I'm Even Further Away Warmer Corners (CD)
Off With His Cardigan! What Bird Is That? (CD)
Only Angels Have Wings The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Paper Planes Southernmost EP (7")
Paper Planes Happy Secret (CD)
Pin Cushion Untidy Towns (7")
Pin Cushion Happy Secret (CD)
Point Being Midweek Midmorning (CD5)
Punchlines A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Putt Putt What Bird Is That? (CD)
Putting It Off And Putting It Off Warmer Corners (CD)
Remote Control First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Requiem For The Punters Club Midweek Midmorning (CD5)
Rue Something A Hiccup In Your Happiness (CD5)
Run Spot Run First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Scottsdale First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Self-Preservation Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Shine On Me What Bird Is That? (CD)
Shine On Me Macintyre (7")
Silver Friends What Bird Is That? (CD)
Sleep Well Naturaliste (CD)
Smokers In Love Staring At The Sky (10"+CD)
Snug What Bird Is That? (CD)
Southermost Southernmost EP (7")
Southernmost Happy Secret (CD)
Southernmost T-Shirt Weather (CD5)
Southernmost Where Were We? (CD)
Spond The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Stayaway Stars Naturaliste (CD)
Successlessness A Little Distraction (CD)
Summertown Boondoggle (CD)
Sunlight in a jar Peachy Little Secrets (CD comp. )
Sunlight In A Jar Warmer Corners (CD)
Synchronised Sinking Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
Take This Lying Down Naturaliste (CD)
Tale of Two Cities First Tape (on CD) (CD)
The Art Of Cooking For Two Happy Secret (CD)
The Baker's Wife Boondoggle (CD)
The Cassingle Revival The Cassingle Revival (7")
The Cassingle Revival Where Were We? (CD)
The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco (CD5)
The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco Warmer Corners (CD)
The Drunkest Man In The World What Bird Is That? (CD)
The Fog Of Trujilla Warmer Corners (CD)
The Forgetting Of Wisdom Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
The Golden Age of Aviation Staring At The Sky (10"+CD)
The Great Dividing Range Where Were We? (CD)
The Great Dividing Range Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
The Invention of Ordinary Everyday Things The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things (7")
The Music Next Door Warmer Corners (CD)
The Opposite of Coffee Staring At The Sky (10"+CD)
The Perfect Crime Naturaliste (CD)
The Sandringham Line Naturaliste (CD)
The Shipwreck Coast Naturaliste (CD)
The Thought That Counts A Christmas Gift From Fortuna Pop! Volume 2 (CD comp. )
The Tichborne Claimant The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
The Winter Proper The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco (CD5)
The Year Of Driving Langourously Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (CD)
There Is A Boy That Never Goes Out Naturaliste (CD)
Thomas and Martha The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Tmrw Vs Y'Day Where Were We? (CD)
TMRW vs. Y'day T-Shirt Weather (CD5)
To Absent Votes A Hiccup In Your Happiness (CD5)
Train Robber's Wives A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Transpontine A Little Distraction (CD)
Tree Boondoggle (CD)
T-Shirt Weather T-Shirt Weather (CD5)
T-Shirt Weather Where Were We? (CD)
Twentytwo What Bird Is That? (CD)
Two Storeys The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
Umbrella Boondoggle (CD)
Under The Rotunda A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Untidy Towns Untidy Towns (7")
Untidy Towns Happy Secret (CD)
Up A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Up The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things (7")
Victor Trumper Boondoggle (CD)
Weatherboard First Tape (on CD) (CD)
Welcome Home Where Were We? (CD)
What Passes For Silence Naturaliste (CD)
What You’ll Miss Naturaliste (CD)
William and Mary The Green Bicycle Case (CD)
World Encyclopedia Of Twentieth Century Murder A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Wyoming A Good Kind Of Nervous (CD)
Young And Dumb The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco (CD5)
Young And Dumb Warmer Corners (CD)
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