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Songs by HappyDeadMen
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9-Piece-Mirror Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
A Lovesong After the Siesta (CD)
A Lovesong A Decade In Pop (CD)
A Postcard From Madrid Game, Set, Match (CD)
Andrew Eldritch De Bricassart EP (CD5)
Birthday Wishes Game, Set, Match (CD)
Cure Me After the Siesta (CD)
Dream Game, Set, Match (CD)
Emilia Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
Euphoria After the Siesta (CD)
Feels Like Heaven Game, Set, Match (CD)
Free Space After the Siesta (CD)
Handkerchiefs Game, Set, Match (CD)
Handkerchiefs Science Fiction (7")
Heaven No! Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
Heaven No! Heaven No! (FLX)
Heaven No! A Decade In Pop (CD)
Heavy Metal Rules After the Siesta (CD)
Hillbilly Headbanger Game, Set, Match (CD)
In Memory Of Broken Hearts Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
In The Summer Sun After the Siesta (CD)
Is This All? Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
Is This All? A Decade In Pop (CD)
Johnny Rotten De Bricassart EP (CD5)
Life Inside A Frame Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
Love Lies Bleeding After the Siesta (CD)
Never Love Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
Not The Only Sucker In Town After the Siesta (CD)
Out Of The Blue After the Siesta (CD)
Out Of The Blue A Decade In Pop (CD)
Postcard From Madrid A Decade In Pop (CD)
Ralph De Bricassart De Bricassart EP (CD5)
Ralph De Bricassart Game, Set, Match (CD)
Ralph De Bricassart A Decade In Pop (CD)
Ralph De Bricassart Grimsby Fishmarket 4 Norrkoeping 0 (K7 comp. )
Saint's Everlasting Rest Game, Set, Match (CD)
Saints' Everlasting Rest A Decade In Pop (CD)
Science Fiction De Bricassart EP (CD5)
Science Fiction A Decade In Pop (CD)
Science Fiction Science Fiction (7")
Silent Sigh City Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
Silent Sigh City A Decade In Pop (CD)
Silent Sigh City Grimsby Fishmarket 4 Norrkoeping 0 (K7 comp. )
Snowfall After the Siesta (CD)
Spectacular Way Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
Spectacular Way A Decade In Pop (CD)
Starfan After the Siesta (CD)
Sweeping Gently Game, Set, Match (CD)
The Age Of Chivalry Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
The Age Of Chivalry A Decade In Pop (CD)
The Saea Are Sailed (Johnny Rotten) Game, Set, Match (CD)
The Seas Are Sailed A Decade In Pop (CD)
The Ultimate High After the Siesta (CD)
To Our Health After the Siesta (CD)
Turn Away Game, Set, Match (CD)
We Swim Eleven Pop Songs (LP)
We Swim A Decade In Pop (CD)
Whatever Happens A Decade In Pop (CD)
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