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Songs by Fat Tulips
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A Girl Called Suicide The Spinning Tulips Flexi (FLX comp. )
A World Away From Me Starfish (LP+CD)
Albie Albie EP (7")
All That Matters Positively Teenage!! (K7 comp. )
Amelia Everlasting Happiness (K7 comp. )
Angels Amongst Us Windmill Popflexi - Four Bands, Four Songs (FLX comp. )
As Long As You Need Me Just Another... Compilation (K7 comp. )
As Long As You Need Me Mind The Gap - The Tape (K7 comp. )
As Long As You Need Me You Can't Be Loved Forever 2 (K7 comp. )
Big Toe Starfish (LP+CD)
Bodies For Sale El Dorado (LP comp. )
Catch Me By Surprise Ferensway EP (7")
Chainsaw Starfish (LP+CD)
Clumsy Starfish (LP+CD)
Confessions of an english girl New Spring Rites For Sarah (7")
Confessions of an english girl Sarah & Driving Me Wild (CD5)
Copper Nostalgia (7"+CD5)
Dance To The Sun Albie EP (7")
Deadhead Baby Nostalgia (7"+CD5)
Don't Tell Me You Feel Turquoise Days (K7 comp. )
Double Decker Bus Starfish (LP+CD)
Driving me wild Driving Me Wild (7")
Driving me wild Sarah & Driving Me Wild (CD5)
Embers Four Songs For Simon (7")
Embers St.Johnstoun vs. The Rest Of The World (K7 comp. )
Fallen Child Of The Seventies Everlasting Happiness (K7 comp. )
Farewell... Ferensway EP (7")
Ferensway Ferensway EP (7")
I Promise You Starfish (LP+CD)
If God Exists Starfish (LP+CD)
Independance Day Corrupt Postman (K7 comp. )
Into Space Nostalgia (7"+CD5)
Is That Love? Albie EP (7")
It's so true Four Songs For Simon (7")
James The Waaaaah! CD (CD comp. )
Last to know Nostalgia (7"+CD5)
Letting Go Starfish (LP+CD)
Like Christmas Driving Me Wild (7")
Like Christmas Sarah & Driving Me Wild (CD5)
Mr so incredible Four Songs For Simon (7")
My Secret Place Starfish (LP+CD)
Never Starfish (LP+CD)
New spring rites for Sarah New Spring Rites For Sarah (7")
Nice Try Ferensway EP (7")
No Me Hace Falta Mas The Way Things Are Flexi (FLX)
Nostalgia Nostalgia (7"+CD5)
Nothing Less Than You Deserve Starfish (LP+CD)
On the seventh day Take Me Back To Heaven EP (7")
On virgin isles Early Years EP (7")
Passionate Friend The Tulip Explodes EP (7")
Rainbow skies Early Years EP (7")
Reach for the sky Take Me Back To Heaven EP (7")
Reward The Tulip Explodes EP (7")
Ribs Starfish (LP+CD)
Saint Stephen El Dorado (LP comp. )
Sarah Sarah & Driving Me Wild (CD5)
So surreal Where's Clare Grogan Now ? (7")
So Unbelievable Starfish (LP+CD)
Surely Driving Me Wild (7")
Surely Sarah & Driving Me Wild (CD5)
Take me back to heaven Take Me Back To Heaven EP (7")
Terry Cuatro The Way Things Are Flexi (FLX)
The Death Of Me Starfish (LP+CD)
The Girl That I Once Knew Four Songs For Simon (7")
The Sweetest Child Starfish (LP+CD)
The Way Things Are Audacious (K7 comp. )
The Way Things Are Stamp 3 Flexi (FLX comp. )
The Way Things Are The Way Things Are Flexi (FLX)
To Cut A Long Story Short Heaven Flexi (FLX comp. )
To put it bluntly Where's Clare Grogan Now ? (7")
Treason The Tulip Explodes EP (7")
What Do You Do? Heaven Flexi (FLX comp. )
Where's Clare Grogan Now (Demo) Audacious (K7 comp. )
Where's Clare Grogan now? Where's Clare Grogan Now ? (7")
You opened up my eyes Early Years EP (7")
You Opened Up My Eyes Sweet William Flexi (FLX comp. )
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