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Songs by Everything But The Girl
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Angel Love Not Money (LP+CD)
Another Bridge Eden (LP+CD)
Anytown Love Not Money (LP+CD)
Are You Trying To Be Funny? Love Not Money (LP+CD)
Ballad Of The Times Love Not Money (LP+CD)
Bittersweat Eden (LP+CD)
Crabwalk Eden (LP+CD)
Each And Every One Each And Every One (7"+12")
Each And Every One Eden (LP+CD)
Even So Eden (LP+CD)
Fascination Eden (LP+CD)
Feeling Dizzy Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989) (CD-Boxset comp. )
Frost And Fire Eden (LP+CD)
Heaven Help Me When All's Well (7"+12")
I Don't Want To Talk About It I Don't Want To Talk About It (7"+12")
I Must Confess Eden (LP+CD)
Laugh You Out The House Each And Every One (7"+12")
Oxford Street I Don't Want To Talk About It (7"+12")
Sean Love Not Money (LP+CD)
Shoot Me Down Love Not Money (LP+CD)
Soft Touch Eden (LP+CD)
Tender Blue Eden (LP+CD)
The Dustbowl Eden (LP+CD)
The Love (Not For Sale) Love Not Money (LP+CD)
The Spice Of Life Eden (LP+CD)
Trouble And Strife Love Not Money (LP+CD)
Ugly Little Dreams Love Not Money (LP+CD)
When All's Well Love Not Money (LP+CD)
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