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Songs by Eggstone
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A Better Day Never Been A Better Day (CD5)
A Better Day Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Against The Sun Somersault (LP+CD)
Anaesthesia Water (CD5)
April And May April And May (CD5)
April And May Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
April And May Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
Beach Boy In San Diego (CD)
Birds In Cages Birds In Cages (CD5)
Birds In Cages Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Birds In Cages Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
Brass Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Brass Summer And Looking For A Job (CD5)
Bubblebed Bubblebed (7")
Can't Come Close Enough In San Diego (CD)
Can't Get Close Enough In Lemon Grove (CD5)
Cornflake Crown Somersault (LP+CD)
Desdemona Somersault (LP+CD)
Desdemona Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Diesel Smoke In Lemon Grove (CD5)
Diesel Smoke Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Doesn't Matter At Point Loma (CD5)
Doesn't Matter Shooting Time EP (7")
Dreamer Birds In Cages (CD5)
Dreamer Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Go Back In San Diego (CD)
Good Morning Somersault (LP+CD)
Good Morning Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Hang On To Your Eco Somersault (LP+CD)
Happiest Fool Somersault (LP+CD)
Have You Seen Mary Bubblebed (7")
Have You Seen Mary In San Diego (CD)
Have You Seen Mary Too In Lemon Grove (CD5)
Head Around Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
If You Say In San Diego (CD)
If You Say Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Il Trascurato Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
It's Not The Rain Somersault (LP+CD)
Luck Somersault (LP+CD)
Marabous Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
Mizu April And May (CD5)
My Trumpets At Point Loma (CD5)
My Trumpets Shooting Time EP (7")
My Trumpets Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Neil Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
Never Been A Better Day Never Been A Better Day (CD5)
Never Been A Better Day Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
Never Been A Better Day Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Ooh Ooh Ma Ma Mine In San Diego (CD)
Penguin April And May (CD5)
Penguin Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
See The Good Thing Bubblebed (7")
See The Good Things In San Diego (CD)
She's Perfect In San Diego (CD)
She's Perfect Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Shooting Time At Point Loma (CD5)
Shooting Time In San Diego (CD)
Shooting Time Shooting Time EP (7")
Split Somersault (LP+CD)
Still All Stands Still Still All Stands Still (CD5)
Still And Stands Still Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
Still And Stands Still Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Suffocation At Sea In San Diego (CD)
Summer And Looking For A Job Summer And Looking For A Job (CD5)
Summer And Looking For A Job Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Sun King In San Diego (CD)
Supermeanindfectlyless Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Supermeaningfeetlyless Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
Taramasalata Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Taramasalata Taramasalata (CD5)
Taramasalata Vive La Différence! (LP+CD)
The Dog Somersault (LP+CD)
The Dog Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Those Words In Lemon Grove (CD5)
Those Words In San Diego (CD)
Waiting For The Bell April And May (CD5)
Water Somersault (LP+CD)
Water Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
Water Water (CD5)
Wrong Heaven At Point Loma (CD5)
Wrong Heaven Shooting Time EP (7")
Wrong Heaven Spanish Slalom (LP+CD)
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